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Huancuiyu Scenic Spot in Henan

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Huancuiyu Scenic Spot is the National Grade AAA tourism scenic spot, the famous scenic spot in Henan province, provincial-level forest park and one of the ten excellent tourist areas in Zhengzhou City. Huancuiyu Scenic Spot is located in central Fuxi Mountain, which is the northern offshoot of Songshan hills.

Huancuiyu Beauty Spot is one comprehensive tourist area that takes the natural mountains and waters landscape as the mainstay, makes a feature of the ancient castle, relies on the red culture and filial piety culture, and gathers sightseeing tourism, leisure holiday, wild camping and adventure merging into one organic whole. Huancuiyu Scenic Spot has traditionally been known for its unique grotesque rocks, picturesque caves, beautiful forest and secluded landscape.

Huancuiyu Tourist Area is just framed like one whole sheet of enchanting emerald in its setting of Fuxi Mountain. The surrounding mountains are splendid, with dense trees, the cloud and smoke hovering round their summits. The scenery differs so much from each other in different seasons that it is sometimes difficult to describe the ineffable beauty of the scenery.

The apricot blossoms are in full bloom during the spring season. Yellow flower of rape danced and sparkled in the sunlight. The verdant green all over the mountain is quite intoxicating. On all sides, the verdant mountains, waterfalls and fresh springs could be seen everywhere. The mountain covered with the red autumn leaves was like the rose-tinted patches of cloud in the golden autumn with a bumper harvest, which is really a feast for the eyes.

The tourist area clad in white is embellished all around with pines and cypresses and pine branches of enchanting beauty during the winter season. When Apricot blossom festival in March is around, visitors could feast their eyes on flowers and drink in the ten-mile groves of almond. During the festival of picking up the apricot blossoms in June, people could pick and taste to their heart’s contents the apricots while drinking in the full beauty of natural scenery.

Here people could experience the unexpected joyance of harvest. They could also climb mountains and enjoy the hill covered all over by gorgeous crimson leaves so as to feel the magnificent sceneries that glow with autumn tints. Longxi palace is one of the important and typical scenic sites of Huancuiyu Scenic Spot, which is like one underground dragon palace, cool in summer and warm in winter.

What may be the extraordinary astonishing thing is that the cave could display the personification of dragon about 5 meters in length. This is in fact rarely seen among the water-eroded caves. The Milky Way flows a long distance at one plunge, which is dazzlingly bright and enchanted as to forget about home.

This indeed could be the perfectly marvelous realm, the fairyland in the world and a haven of peace and happiness. Mountain of Flowers and Fruit Grand Canyon are also one of the main tourist attractions. The steepness and serenity of the valley are unparalleled in China, with fortified mountain pass on two sides and thick vegetation. 

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