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Huanghuagou Tourist Area of Inner Mongolia

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Huanghuagou Scenic Area is located in the hinterland of Ulanqab prairie in the middle of Inner Mongolia, which is the typical alpine grassland topography, with an average elevation of more than 2,000 meters. In total, Huanghuagou Scenic Area accounts for an area of over 600 square kilometers.

Owning to its unique terrain, the place with the rolling green hills, crisscrossed valleys and two high cliffs is well known for its gorgeous yellow flowers every high summer. There's Jiuzhaigou in the south while Huanghuagou in the north. Huanghuagou prairie as one of the three great alpine grassland is located in the Chahar of Ulanqab city in Inner Mongolia, which is also the vast prairie of Inner Mongolia that is closest to the capital city of Beijing.

Huanghuagou prairie lies at an average of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, with the total area of about 600 square kilometers. Huanghuagou prairie is the typical geologic remains in the fourth glacial stage, with the varied and complex geologic formation. The volcanic rocks covered the mountains, which had a history that can be traced back to over 100 million years ago.

The terrain and landforms is long known as Geological Museum of Daqing Mountain. With the unique environment climate, the mean temperature of every year is approximately 7 degrees centigrade. Huanghuagou Scenic Area that boats the astronomical wonder with herb of snow of June and the dog days is a rare and prized beautiful northern-frontier summer scenic place.

Whenever there's extreme summer, the boundless expanse of Huanghuagou prairie was bright with flowers in full bloom. Hundreds of multi-colored flowers like the yellow flowers all over the land, white lilies, pink five-colored radix Gypsophila, deep yellow genus Trollius and bright red wild morning star lily are contending in beauty and fascination.

The villages on the grasslands had the patch of rape field, a sea of sunflower, wonderful flowers and rare herbs among the mountains, which had formed together the peculiar and wonderful Baicao garden on Huanghuagou prairie. The exceptional high summer landscape on the grassland had left the masterpiece throughout the ages, reputed as Sai' Wai' Jiang' Nan or Lush Southern Country beyond the Great Wall by visitors.

The picturesque cragged peaks and great stones, superb mountain ranges, the thick forest, ancient gnarled cypresses, the green and verdant strange willow forest and groves of birch trees had created the unique and startling sight of the prairie. Even there was a deep and autumnal tone. It could also bring you the beautiful feeling as of a beautiful and dreamlike place.

Many natural landscapes could not only allow visitors to marvel at the daedal hand of nature, but also listen to the touching fairy stories one after another. As the largest Wind Power City throughout Asia, thousands of the wind electric generator wagons standing right over a vast expanse of fertile land is the unique symbolic complex of buildings, together with the sunrise and the sunset on the alpine grassland, formed a picture of a beautiful and fascinating grassland horoscope.?

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