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Huanglongxi Ancient Town

 2014-03-18    lyla    Sights    Chengdu    1911  

Huanglongxi ancient town is one of a handful amcient town which is suitable for one-day tour.Located in the south of Chengdu Plain, 40 kilometers away from Chengdu, 35 kilometers from Shuangliu County,Huanglongxi ancient town is a new hot tourist destination with regional historical significance.
Huanglongxi ancient town is one of the top 10 water towns.Built in the year 216, this town has a history of 1700 years.Dating back to the Three Kingdoms and Shu Han,Huanglongxi played an important role as a center of trade.

The town is featured with elegant Ming and Qing architectures and charming river views.It has been the backdrop in TV-ad campaigns and over 200 films.The famous Zhenjiang, Chaoyin, and Gulong Temples are also in Huanglongxi.

You will be touched by this quite Chinese traditional old town scene like the bluestone paved street,wooden pavilion and houses,beautifully engraved window frames and railings.You can fine six yellow hornbeam that are over 300 years old in the town.

In the summer,most tourists in the town centralize around the river.Clusters of tables and chairs are congregated along the river as well.You can sit and watch the river view,enjoy a cup of tea.It's the most common way how the local people relax themselves. 

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