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Huangyan Grand Waterfall in Zhejiang

 2014-10-07    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1264  

Huangyan Grand Waterfall is located in the Daxikeng Village of Shangzheng County at the western Huangyan of Zhejiang Province, neighboring upon Huangyan rock. The waterfalls are composed of four waterfalls. They all belong to the hanging waterfall. Among which Enkeng waterfall has the total fall of about 130 meters and reaches about 30 meters at its widest part.

When it has the comparatively small rainfall, the waterfall could form two layers, while the rainfall is relatively large, the waterfall descends in a vertical stoop on the pool, grand and oppressive. There's one Dragon Pond at the foot of the waterfall, about 5-6 meters deep. In total, the pool accounts for an area of 80 square meters. Another waterfall with the highest altitude cascades down overwhelmingly as though a sea or a river had been overturned, which came running round the corner of the mountain stream.

The fall of the waterfall as the one-grade waterfall here is about 25 meters. During the rainy season, the plentiful flow of water with a large threatening force is very grand. There's one pool with an average depth of about 7-8 meters at the foot of a waterfall, which covers an area of 70 square meters. And the quantity of water from these two waterfalls is a little less than the former two waterfalls, with the fall of about 30 meters and about 2 meters in width.

These two ones come gushing out of a cave in the mountainside, resembling a silvery up-ended stream gushing into a crystal clear water pool. There's also another pool at the foot of the waterfall, with the area of about 100 square meters. The upper reaches of the waterfall have the large quantity of water catchment. Even it's in the dry season, the waterfall continued to flow slowly off into the distance, large and quite imposing. As soon as it enters into the rainy season, tremendous momentum and the large threatening force can be more easily imagined.

Thus the rainy season could be the best time to appreciate the majestic waterfall. The water of the waterfall flows into the deep pool; the spilled water ran down the hill steadily along the mountainous gully, fluviatile the rocks continuously and run to one small river of the village and a ditch in the fields, in order to water agricultural land.

The whole mountain forest with the steady drip of water is very splendid. Beyond this, each waterfall is ringed with mountains, which against the broad-leaved forests and bamboo grove. And it now revealed more fully the wonderful beauty, what might be known as forest-clad mountains and limpid streams. Huangyan Grand Waterfall scenic spot had the rare and natural waterfalls in the south of Zhejiang.

There're babbling brooks and waterfalls, thick forest and high bamboos, colored stones all over the mountain. The beauty spot combined the historical culture of female water nymph and waterscape, which could describe the timeless topic between the water and female. With a time-honored history and water culture, the place could be the haunt for the visitors. 

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