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Huangyao Ancient Town

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Someone said that Huangyao ancient town is a poetry anthology.It was beautiful,simple and elegant.When you come to Huangyao,you will lost yourself in this quite,traditional old town.

Located in the northern of Zhaoping County,Guangxi province,Huangyao ancient town is 40 km away from Zhaoping County,200 km from Guilin.It has a history over 1,000 years, originated in the Song Dynasty, built in the Ming Dynasty,boomed in the Qing Dynasty.It has been on the list of provincial scenic area.

Situated at the downstream of Lijiang River,Huangyao ancient town is known as "poetic homeland".The town is famous with great caves,delicated pavilions,grand temples and shrines,old trees, precious plaque and couplets.

All streets in Huangyao ancient town are paved with black slabstones.The old buildings which are very distinctive are built according to the Eight Diagrams principle.It is not a hot tourist destination,you can have a nice time here.


The best time travel to Huangyao ancient town is from late September to early November.During this time,the local climate is pleasant and persimmon, hawthorn and other fruits mature.

In addition, the town is also very attractive during its rainy season which is from March to April.

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