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Huilong Bay National Forest Park

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Huilong Bay National Forest Park is located in the northeast of Heilongjiang province, about 30 kilometers from the downtown of Yichun city. It is getting more and more popular among natural lovers in recent years. Unique Korean pines trees primitive woods, deep river valley with clear water, rich diversity of plants and wild animals, quite buddhist monasteries, all into one, no wonder it attracts hundreds of thousands visitors all the year round.

Huilong Bay National Forest Park was built in 1993, covering an area of 2680 acres, the legend behinds it just makes this place more mysterious. Legend has it that this it where the black dragon was born. Till today, some stories are still popular in the local area. Deep in the Lesser Khingan Mountains, there is a lake called crescent Lake with a veil of secrecy.

Once upon a time, there lived an couple besides the lake. The wife was pregnant and everyone was expecting the baby happily. Unexpectedly, instead of delivering a healthy baby, the wife gave birth to a round meatball. The husband was extremely angry and he stabbed the meatball with a knife. A red light shined through the meatball then it was disappeared.

Ever since then, the water in the lake had changed.No matter how much rain there was, the water always was the same. People started seeing black dragon in the lake, and were feeling happy with the bless of black dragon. A while later, there came an evil white dragon and people were suffering. Black dragon came to the river where white dragon lived and fought with it for days and finally killed him. The river was called Black Dragon river.

Walking into the lush forest of the park, a vast area of wild pears garden is in front of you. The best season to visit here are spring and autumn. Spring in may, the ice of Lesser Khingan Mountains isn’t completely melt, pear trees flowers are in full blossom with refreshing fragrance, just like a fancy dreamland. In middle autumn, the garden are decorated with golden color, tourists can pick up ripe pears in it.

The most exciting part of this place is that you can enjoy tons of excitement in the water. Known as the best China's best rafting resort in the north, Jinsha river rafting spot is highly welcomed among the rafting fans. There is 15 kilometers river for rafting, with standard start and terminal wharf, parking lot, emergency station, more than 1000 rubber rafts, plus the picturesque scenery along the river, all you need to do is to enjoy. You would have the most amazing rafting experience that you could never forget.

Going up along the winding bridge of 108 stone steps, there is sight-seeing platform. With good weather, all the beauty of park is laying before your eyes. If one day wan’t enough for you to enjoy this natural gift, no worries, they have 7 wooden cottages with different shapes for you.

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