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Huishan Spring of Wuxi

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Huishan Spring stands on the Xihui Park at the bottom of the Huishan Hill in western suburb of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Huishan Hill is also referred to as Huiquanshan Hill. As a matter of fact, the spring on Mount Hui has been there down through the ages. It is easy to see why Mount Hui is also known as "Hui Quan Shan" or "Hui Spring Hill" where the spring is a source of top-quality water known all over the world.

Its water is scented with freshly picked rose flowers. Huishan Spring features a clear and cool spring water with a richly satisfying aroma and a refreshing and pleasant taste. That's one of the obvious reasons why there are discovered on Mount Hui what is known as the Nine Dragon Thirteen Springs. The spring also contains minerals. Drinking such kind of mineral water is believed to aid digestion, and waters with specific minerals are used for special conditions. Since ancient times, local people brew tea with the spring, there will be a special pleasant flavor. Making smooth and sweet tea with the water could offer you pleasure and health. Natural mountain spring water is the best choice for tea.

Depending on historical documents, it is really true that in the Tang Dynasty there was the practice of sending water to the capital from the Second Spring. It may be lucidity, transparency and fitness incarnate when it comes into being in an unimaginably perfect way. The water of the spring is ever so clear and translucent as to be invisible, whereas creatures like fish live in it.

Old tea drinkers from all sides had come this long way to dip up the water from the Second Spring. The Huishan Hill is well-known for its springs, among which the most renowned one is the second spring under heaven. The water of spring is so luscious with a velvety mouth feel and the high level of acidity ensures a clean and fresh finish that lingers. And thus it is their delicate and sweetly refreshing flavor that enters thousands of families. When it comes to Huishan Spring, you may think of Wuxi folk artist a Bing who composes the "Two Springs Reflect the Moon" with a good reputation both at home and abroad, it's also considered as the most widespread piece of erhu music in China.

The scenery so wonderful and so lovely in Huishan Spring is displayed, as may more than equal any of the resembling scenes of other springs in China. The original appearance of the Huishan Spring described by the poets was "Both the color of the trees and the sound of the springs are loud in its praise". The water of spring is so lucid, smooth, moist and fresh that calls for deep thought. People also speak of tasting or sampling good tea as "trifled with their teacups." The clear spring with water like silver sweetened with such a wildwood charm as that, would be a good enough substitute for drinking water.

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