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Hulun Lake of Fertile and Scenic Land

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The Hulun Lake, also known as the Dalai Lake, is the largest lake in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the fifth-largest inner lake in our country and the fourth largest freshwater lake in China. It's situated in the western of Hulunbeir Prairie, in the form of an irregular rectangle. On the west bank of the lake are rolling green hills and steep cliffs and overhanging crags.

On the eastern and southern shore is a flat and open terrain where there is plenty of grass for the cattle to feed on. A great deal of sludge that is rich in organic matter accumulates at the bottom of the lake. The small but unbelievably clear lake with stunning and tranquil scenery, is fed by the morphemic water and underground water.

The self-purification capacity of the Hulun Lake is typically concerned with its unique geographic situation in which it is prevalent. First of all, the lake is big in its size, which is communicated with more confluent grassland rivers, and second, since that it's situated in the high-latitude area with the low temperature, and could restrain the growth of plankton organisms.

More to the point, with its unique lake constructions, it's mainly fed by the natural replenishment of this vast supply of underground water. As a result, Hulun Lake has played an extraordinary role in protecting the variety of natural resources and organism and immense resources of biological materials.

Hulun Lake is distinguished by more than its bigness in its size with the whole area of 2,339 square kilometers; also know as the biggest lake in North China. It's also famous for its flowing water that has inexhaustible supply of cool and fresh water coming and gushing out. With the fertilizing function, such conditions do contribute immensely to foster the growth of the country's most luxuriant pasture alongside rivers and lakes. Dead plants and waste material from animals mostly streamed down the lakeside and into the water, which makes it better and slowly changes it into humus as the fishes' natural fertilization.

Its purity is that various major rivers in the lake district are basically unpolluted. It is few and far a sheet of skyey water. On the Hulun Lake, mists and waves stretch far into the horizon. A lake appeared on the horizon. You could view the creamy-white sails rolling and curving above the sparkling waves. The lake sparkled in the sunlight. It would without doubt be a wonderful experience for tourists not only to look upon the beauty of the scene but also to taste delicious food of many different kinds made by hundreds of fish and shrimps.

The scenery of "Fishes Skipping Between Two Lakes" has become one particular scenery. When July and August approach, all of the visitors could view the crisscrossing forks of the Hulun Lake through the Beier Lake. You could catch sight of schooling fish that burrows into lakeside. These fishes vied with each other in crushing to gather before the fish screen. This apparition was so special and so enthralling, that every visitor marvels at the fine view! 

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