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Idyllic Yunshe Village in Guizhou

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In Guizhou, there locates the beautiful and magnificent Mount Fanjing. Along the way to Mount Fanjing, there stands a village called Yunshe Village which is the must pass-by destination when heading to the sacred Mount Fanjing.

Yunshe Village is situated in Tongren City of Guizhou Province. Standing at the foot of mysterious Mount Fanjing and the picturesque Taiping River, Yunshe Village has been bestowed with idyllic scenery being primitive, simple and peaceful.

Yunshe Village is an authentic habitat for Tujia People. It is reputed as the “First Tujia Village in China”. The village has a history more than 1,000 years. Surrounded by mountain and river, Yunshe Village has natural beautiful rural style scenery. There are green farm fields, river and pond, water wheel, green stone paved alleys, Tujia styled wooden buildings, tube-shaped buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasty. All these local native elements present a kind of remote and peaceful atmosphere.

Yueshe Village is the only one Tujia Ethnic Cultural Village. It has conserved and kept outstanding featured culture and customs of the Tujia Ethnic. Tujia People in Yunshe Village always wear their ethnic featured costumes and accessories. They have developed their own unique culture. Besides those Chinese traditional festivals, Tujian people have rich ethnic festivals to celebrate through the year. What’s more interesting about this Tujia cultural village should be their unique costumes. Yunshe people love songs and they express their feelings by songs. They have their specials song for blessings for wedding, song for toasting, and song for welcoming guests.

Yunshe Village has many ancient featured buildings. You will see wooden folk houses, tube-shaped buildings, Sanheyuan, Siheyuan and ancestral halls in the village. And you will see tube-shaped buildings the most. They are antique and spectacular. They were built with exquisite layout, delicate carvings and patterns. These buildings connect with each other to form a maze. You may get lost at those among these antique buildings without a local guide.

Though Yunshe Village is just a temporary stop before Mount Fanjing, its idyllic beauty and special customs have attracted people stop for its uniqueness.

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