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Incomparably Beautiful Jade Water Villa

 2014-06-29    Young    Sights    Lijiang    1501  

Located in the northern area of Lijiang that is a mysterious, beautiful and peaceful place on the northeast plateau of Yunnan province, Jade Water Villa is also situated at the foothill of the well-known Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Compared with the villas in other Chinese areas, the Jade Water Villa is simpler and more natural in its pure state. Here you could have a superb panorama of the simple and natural scenery of Jade Water Villa by enjoying from any angle.

Jade Water Villa's water and mountain depend on each other as partners and mutually reflect one another. With its colorful cultural minority nationality characters, Jade Water Villa with many scenic spots is one valuable land with a good geomantic omen. To tourist attractions like Jade Water Villa at the altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, one could completely return to the arms of nature, enjoying fresh air and natural beauty.

Jade Water Villa is one of the primal sources of the river in the ancient city of Lijiang that is a world-famous tourist city. The beauty of the landscape greets the eye wherever one happens to be in Lijiang. Jade Water Villa held an extremely conspicuous position.

Apart from that its delicately beautiful or sublimely impressive scenery, most important of all, Jade Water Villa is also a sacred place of Dongba culture continuity of Naxi People, fine music that is performed either by soloists or by small ensembles, and is divided into two types soft and hard. Jade Water Villa is blessed with many beautiful landscapes full of distinctive ethnic and local flavor.

Since that Jade Water Villa is beautiful throughout the year, the Jade Water Villa was compared by the famous and celebrated poet to a beauty "how high a mountain is, while how high the water is". The huge mountain spring rushed out from the steep cliffs. It's truly amazing. Here you might get back in its roots and rediscovered the beauty of the green trees with dark shades. Finally all you could see the water source rise from the shelter of two great trees that are maple trees in a thousand years old.

Jade Water Villa nestling in the green mountains is the green and luxuriant pines forest all the year around, those two famous millennium old trees that had been included on the list of the ancient trees in Yunnan Province. The sky-kissing ancient trees blot out the sky and cover the sun with luxuriant foliage. The spring of clear water with a flow of more than 0.5 cubic meters of water per second spouted out from the earth, with light sparkle of water spray.

Jade Water Villa was richly endowed by nature in miraculous natural site and places of cultural interest, which could add radiance and beauty to each other and bring out the best in each other as they blend into a unity. It gradually formed an ecological culture scenic spot of "Heaven and Man are one." It had attracted a great number of tourists all over the world. 

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