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Incomparably Splendid Mount Songlan

 2014-09-26    Young    Sights    Zhejiang    1255  

Songlan Mountain seaside tourist holiday zone is situated in the seaside that is only 9 kilometers to the southeast of the Xiangshan county town in Ningbo, with the total planning area of 25.1 square kilometers. Mount Songlan had been the diversified seaside tourist holiday zone that had gathered recreational and entertainment, holiday and conference merging into one organic whole.

The scenic spot is blessed with the beautiful seaside scene, the profound marine culture and perfect leisure vacation facilities. There's one very irregular and far-stretching seaside contour line with the total length of about 12 kilometers between the mountains and the sea, which is outlined by the sightseeing highway. Among which the reef island, sandy beach, the harbor, the cape and the rock spread throughout the mountain, with the indescribable beauty and its indescribable charm.

The scenery is truly a feast for the eyes. The sandy beach and bathing place in all their varied shapes and sizes allow people to play about with sand, soak themselves in brilliant sunshine, splash in the water and tread on the waves, where could make people linger on with no thought of leaving. Thick ecological vegetation, beautiful plants of the four seasons and fresh seaside air had brought people a comfortable holiday environment.

A paradise for a hundred birds that is well stocked with marine life samples, rare and precious animal has been built on the beauty spot, where is without doubt the science and technology activities of the young. The scenic spot boasts the sea island hunting vocational village that combines many functions like desert island expedition, hills fishing and camping in the wild in one, which would surely relax your soul, experience the rustic charm and return to nature. Songlan Mountain not only had the poetic and pictorial name but also its spectacular scenery.

Within the scenic beauty of a galaxy of a sea bay, a large number of sandy beaches, unique and charming landscape, dangerous caves and deep valleys, it's a magnet for visitors. Apart from its beautiful natural and cultural sights, Songlan Mountain seaside tourist holiday zone also provides a wide variety of amusement and leisure activities.

It is virtually worthy of being noted that the hunting ground on the sea is blessed with the well protected wild animal and plant resources inside the beauty spot. Travelling by boat and landing on the island, everywhere in the area were seen in the wild rabbits that lopped among the bushes.

All varieties of travelling and relaxation facilities are available, like the comfortable and luxurious star rating hotels, fashionable and elegant driving ranges, rich arrays of tourist souvenir department store, the adventurous and exciting amusement park, the glistening light in a cascade of color and the waterfront park with richly green grass.

Youxian stockade village and Fenghuo stage in the General Qi Jiguang in Ming Dynasty ancient city against Japanese Pirate dotted the beautiful natural scenery of Songlan Mountain, which could cast a profound historical human touch over Mount Songlan.

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