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Intoxicating Beauty of Xiapu Mudflat in Fujian

 2014-04-11    Selina Ou    Tours    Fuzhou    2697  

Famed as the most beautiful mudflat in China, Xiapu mudflat with intoxicating beauty attracts numerous photographers and tourists for the admiration of its stunning scenery. As the rule “Less is more” explains, a long shoreline, those simple fishermen, crude mudflat, numerous bamboos, several fishing vessels, sunrise and sunsets, just these honest singles have presents ever rich and charming pictures of Xiapu for us.

Located in the southeast of Fujian Province, Xiapu has a long coastline of more than 400 kilometers and an occupation of 40 square kilometers. As the famous “China’s hometown of seaweed” and “China’s hometown of laver”, Xiapu has developed an original and simple marine culture.

Ranked on of the list of “Top 10 Paradises for Photographers”, Xiapu is always considered as the primary choice for photographers who want to take unique and beautiful pictures. People ever traveled there said Xiapu is a place that never bores photographers all the year around. It never disappoints you as whichever season you go there you will capture the unique pictures of that season and of your own.

Sunrises and sunsets are always the outstanding themes among pictures taken in Xiapu. If you are into the gorgeous of sunrises, get up early to find your moment. You may be amazed at the scene when the bright sun lights on the vast mudflat and the whole mudflat blended into the dazzling red colors. But if you like the gentle sunsets, wait there for the best time. When the orange glows shed on the whole mudflat like a huge fishing net, and the casual drifting small boats with the shadows of bamboos in water, this is the best time to keep your camera recording those intriguing moments.
Even in typhoon seasons from July to September, you can catch beautiful moments of sunrises and sunsets, as the thick clouds and changeable seaside sky would add more vivid factors to your pictures.

If you want photos of the seaweed and fishery of the local people, April to June should be the best time which is the harvest time for seaweed. When local people working among the sections of bamboos where hanging numerous seaweed, egrets flying above the mudflat, grasses dancing on the beach, and boats silently resting on the beach, this should be the most stunning scenery shown in Chinese ink painting.

While from every October to the following February laver is the main character for photographers. This period of time is the harvest time for laver. Also as Xiapu is abundant with croakers, kelp and oyster, you will often see these little cutes on the beach. When tide rises, take a boat rippling among the bamboo sections to experience the simple fishermen's life is a pleasant journey.

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