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Jian Kou Great Wall

 2013-10-23    Kinqin    Sights    Beijing    3601  

Jian Kou Great Wall

That was June 2012,I and my friend hiked Jiankou Great Wall,before we went there,we heared a lots of words about this "Wild Great Wall" It’s become a popular photographic hotspot and hiking destination in recent days. Jiankou is translated as "Arrow Nock" in English, since the shape of the mountains where the walll was built is like an arrow with the collpased ridge opening as its arrow nock. The main section of the wall was built along the ridges with steep cliffs on each side.So we weared the clothes and shoes,that was very important to hike Wild Great Wall.When everything ready,we started from town at 0700am,it is located at Xizhaizi Village, 30 km from Huairou District, and 70 km from Beijing.

We reached Jiankou Great Wall about 0930am,we was shocked because of the amazing view,was much wilder, more challenging and more beautiful than I expected. the frequency of the sharp rises and falls of the Jiankou wall, together with the incredible steepness of many of the tower-sections over the plethora of mountain peaks, the blue sky and the green..It was Spring on June,everything was prefect.We just scared about if we can “turn over” this wall.There was no proper road or step can walk,we have to go through the woods without road,One guy in our group was heavily overweight and the whole trip was utter torture for him. It's a bit hard for people who never exercise, but it's doable nevertheless.



After a while we walked the woods,we finally saw the “Wall” At the wall we were amazed by the beauty of the natural surroundings and not least the feeling of touching down on "real history" as we walked fo about 1.5 hours along side the Wall. It was dangerous actually to climb the Wall,cause there was no any steps and parapet.But we can help each other and we really enjoyed it.Time was going fast,at noon,we just seated on the wall and had cookies & drink.After the rest,we got more energy and continue to conquest this real Wall.It took about another 3hours,we turn over the mountain and found a road (It was a road compare the woods to go down faster,we were very tired and hungry already.We were very happy when we saw the farmers were selling fruits,we bought a lot and catch our Bus,and talked a lot about our trip on the way back to town.It was Fantastic experience the Great Wall JianKou.

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