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Jiari Beach – An Excellent Leisure Resort Area in Haikou City

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Jiari Beach is a chief leisure resort in the west part of Haikou City, in Hainan Area. The beach, around six kilometers in length, has a wonderful weather (usual temperature is 75.2F), with glistening waters, swaying coconut trees, and sufficient of daylight and blue skies. The beach covers a total area of 54 hectares. It’s a significant beach sightseeing scenic zone and the most illustrative seaside travel Jiari resort in Haikou. Jiari Beach stretches from Qiongzhou Passage in the north to Binhai Road in the south. The green extent of Jiari Beach totals to in excess of 80%, amid whichcoast oaks coconut trees, and palm estatesequals to 60%, flowers equals to 20% and Taiwan meadow is approximately 20%. 

Main attractions

The resort comprises of four sectors:

Sea Sports:
Here, an individual can relish sail-boarding, swimming, kayaking, or simply idling on the beach.

Culture and Food:
The Guanjingtai Court delivers outstanding exploration and an extensive diversity of eateries and bars to content every appetite. The International Fishing Club provides advanced fishing gears and makes you love the pleasure of fishing.

The Fun Sector:
This provides an extensive variety of entertainment for families: a roller-skating course, the Music Square, the Kingdom of Butterfliesand a Children's Movement Center and much more. Particularly famous is the World above Water by means of its diving performances and water ballet.

This beach offers lodging in a relaxing atmosphere. The whole thing from cottages and cabins to hammocks and tents is relaxed, sparkling and safe. An uncommon piece of the Jiari Beach Resort is the kissing fish. These fishes can reside well at a temperate of 104 F in water, and they will speck at your body to deliver charming submerged skin-cleansing repair.

Attractions near Beach Entrance
The major entry of Jiari Beach is in sun bath on the beach range in the chief area. Close to the entrance, a vast banyan tree is in the attention. In electronic controller, the brushwood and leaves of the banyan tree are flapping and flapping, which are playing, displaying their deep welcome to the travelers. Arriving into the zone, you can appreciate shapely biological parking lots, floret kindergartens of numerous shapes and sultry landscape plants of many positions.

Barbecue on beach is a prevalent program for visitors. Especially on weekends, numerous individuals meet together and relish the delightful food they grill by themselves. The foodstuff for barbecue mostly consist of chicken legs, chicken feet, beef, chicken wings, pork chop, mutton shashlik, ham sausage, dried bean curd, oyster mushroom, mutton shashlik and sleeve-fish.

How to reach:
To reach Jiari beach, you can board the sightseeing buses or you can board bus No. 28, 35, 37 or 40 to the Jiari Beach. The Best Time to Visit this beach would be from the month of October to the subsequent May. The admission fee is free for all. However, if you want to rent motorboat it costs about 100yuan for every ten minutes. For renting yacht, the same costs 200 Yuan per 10 minutes.

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