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Jinan International Garden Expo

 2014-05-10    sonrisabai    Sights    Jinan    2062  

I’ve seen on the news that rubber duck was going to make its appearance in Jinan International Garden Expo, how could I miss that? I’ve seen that thing on TV so many time, finally I got the chance to see it in person. Besides, I have never been to Garden Expo. From the pictures online, it seems a nice place with beautiful views and rich culture. Jinan International Garden Expo is located in Changqing College town, covering an area of 342 acres, is the largest land garden expo in China. There are more than 108 gardens, including 80s cities both at home and abroad.

It was a bright sunny day. I got up early so I could see more cool stuff. My first impression of Expo garden was its size. So big! I would’ve totally lost if I didn’t go there with my friends. It was like a small world with everything well-made, small things like trees, flowers, grass, big things like buildings, lakes, towers, artificial beach. Suddenly I was a little bit jealous of collage students near the garden, they were so lucky, then don’t have to drive all the way from downtown to here.

We didn’t know what one to visit first. One of my friends suggested we could start from Jinan Garden and we did. Always start from what you know the best. The garden was well-designed with rich Jinan local style. There were antithetical couplet besides every gate inside the garden, kinda like a feature. In the back, there was a square-shaped pavilion, a well of in the middle of it. So dangerous! What if someone fell into it? Maybe I overthought about it. Other than that, it’s a cool place. It’s amazing to see so many cultured stuff in such small space. We came on the second floor of building and had a cup of tea, and chatted for a bit.

In the west there was Changqing Lake, about three times bigger than Daming Lake. Standing on the bridge and looking down the lake, beautiful scenary came into the sight. Then we come to the beach, the water was not very deep, a few kids were having fun besides the beach.

Inside the gate of Taipei garden, two Taiwan's indigenous tribe statue were welcoming us with big smile. As we kept marching forward, there came the sound of the splash of brooks from a waterfall. This was one of the largest garden here, about over 1000 square meters. Tourists could experience genuine Taipei urban life, unique ethnic minorities culture and nice view. After walked by a bridge called lovers arch, we came out from it.

Beichuang Garden was a very special one. If other gardens were manifestation of landscape and culture, then Beichuang Garden would bring you shock and warmth. In Qiang People Custom Garden, and Earthquake Relief Garden, which was in memory of Great Sichuan Earthquake happened in 2008. 

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