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Jinghu National Urban Wetland Park

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Shaoxing Jinghu National Urban Wetland Park is one of the first open urban wetland park in our country. Meishan wetland as the first scenic spot opening up to the outside world meets the first tourists. There're lots of historical and cultural legacies in the park, like 216 bridges in many shapes and sizes crossing east and west. At the east of the park is Mount Mei which got its name because the reputed scholar of the Han Dynasty Meifu buried himself in the mountain.

The mountain with the abundant vegetation is also the natural nesting place of flocks of egrets and a considerable portion of wild animals are the Swinhoe's egrets as the wildlife under second class protection. The highest peak of Mount Mei as the largest mountain with luxuriant vegetation in the district rises to a height of over 79.6 meters.

The west side is the Yabi square as the unique symbolic leisure square inside the wetland park. The open tea bar could provide the visitors with sightseeing and tea appreciation. The south side of Mount Mei is another scenic sight like Benjue temple that was a busy and crowded location of worship for Buddhists and the fishing district with excellent surroundings.

The green area of Meidong wetland forest shall account for 8,625 acres, which has been long reputed as over 10,000 hectares of green lands. The forests come in a great variety, which are of varying heights along the forest of varying heights. Inside the forest is the typical wetland landscape, beautiful and highly diversified, which has attracted a large number of white egrets gathering and inhabiting. The village landscape like the forested land, farmland and villages are complementary to each other.

Tongxin Island is the lonely island shaped like B-scope, surrounded by water on all sides. In total, Tongxin island account for an area of over 30 acres, which is the wedding photography base with a strong flavor of the profound wetland environment ecology. Within the scenic beauty is the waterwheel in the morning sunshine, the cobble-stones, the trails in the dense forest and some others.

Tongxin Island is both the natural park and the cultural park that displays the ancient waterwheel culture. The fishing and hunting garden in the ten-mile lotus pond covers an area of over 600 acres. There're functional districts like the fishing and hunting in water country, enjoying the lotus flowers in the wetland, the farmers orchards and many other scenic sites.

To the west is the Dongpu ancient town that is deep-rooted in cultural background and open to innovative ideas. As the national famous historical and cultural town, Dongpu ancient town had the best preserved scenes of the water country in Shaoxing city.

There's one natural freshwater lake inside the wetland park. At the bottom of the lake is the peat bed nearly one meter in depth, the peat bed is the organic carbon of great potential. Jinghu Wetland Lake with the giant intense water network and a high water table had the natural topography of low wetland.

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