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Jinxi Ancient Town- Thousand years of beauty

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Jinxi Ancient Town is located in Kunshan city, Jiangsu Province. The long history of this small town can be traced back to the Stone Age. Ever since then, people had started living and breeding here. An emperor from South Song dynasty(1127-1279) buried his loving concubine Chen in this town, the place where she loved the most when she was still alive. Then it was named as the Chenmu for more than 800 years to commerate that women.

There was a nice stream flowing through the town ages ago. When the dusk comes, the setting sun would cast beautiful light on the river, golden color is all over the river, like a golden ribbon. So local people call it Jinxi, which means shining stream. Literatis all love it for its breath-taking sceneries always could bring them great inspiration thus create best work and poem. A famous Chinese writer once described Jinxi as the “Young girl in Sleeping”.

Time doesn’t leave any trace on this town. It still looks original and old.The moment you step into this lovely town, you are waving goodbye to the modern world. Everything is bringing you back to the old times, the buildings, the road, the bridge. Can you believe there are old 36 bridges in this small town? Built around Ming and Qing dynasty, each one has a unique historical story.

Even though they have been through 600 years of harsh weather, the stone tablet and carving on the bridge are still well-preserved.That is also why I love to travel in places with history. Tons of interesting stories are waiting to be told. Just imagine walking across from different bridges and looking at the clear yet peaceful stream. If your mind has been in a state of flux for quite a long time, this is the perfect place for finding back the inner peace.

Walking on the clear quartzite street, without trace of dust or fallen leaves. In the distance, I could hear vague sound of guitar. Coming near, there is a young man sitting on the bridge, playing and singing a slow song. Feels perfect with the atmosphere. Adults chatting under tall trees with nice shade, children playing beside the stream, everyone is at ease. Local people do a great work protecting the environment of the town. Everyday before the sunrise, civil cleaning workers already start working.

The newly-built Chinese Ancient Bricks Museum has become the novel hot spot of the town. Inside the museum, there displays a ton of precious ancient artifacts such as dark-red enameled pottery from Ming dynasty, worldwidely famous pot of Qing dynasty and some great works from modern master artists. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of ancient culture museums in town.

When you are in Jinxi, the last thing you want to miss is the food. For breakfast, you can have tasty Aozao noodles with nice soup, so delicious. For lunch or dinner, they have chicken, fish, shrimps and all kinds of fresh vegetables.

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