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Kaili National Museum – Rich Exhibition of History Re-Created

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Kaili National Museum is one of the 100 distinctive museums in China, where you can have in-depth details and knowledge about all minority native cultural activities. Located in downtown Kalim in Guizhou Province at the Kali Shaoshan South Road, in the People's Republic of China. Sprawled over an area of 11,000 square meters with a built up area of 7,421 square meters, this is constructed as per Miao and Dong architectural style. This is a landmark mark building with historical collection of minorities.Tourist can find here more than 12,000 pieces of collections, text, pictures and objects. Detailed introduction of their customs, costumes, worship styles and various forms of their life and utensils are also can be seen in the museum.The display runs through Ming and Qing dynastic era of Miao life style and their related activities.

Museum adapted Miao and Dong construction style:
The museum depicts the architectural style of Miao Nationality's stilt houses, Diaojiaolou and Dong Nationality's Drum Towner.The recreation of ancient time architectural style in to the structures helped to keep the ambience that is required to have in such kind of museum.The moment tourists are entered in the museum hall, the difference will be felt in all its aspects. The introduction hall, tourists will have the experience in learning the history of the Kaili ethnic minorities and how 20 different ethnic minorities lived together here peacefully. This will be a good experience to understand the basic mechanism of peaceful co-existence. The ancient relics and texts and art works of 12,000 items displayed here will reflect the rare qualities of the ancient ethnic community.

Ethnic Charm Hall:
Ethnic Charm Hall is the attractive center of the museum. Here, you can see the folk residences of various minorities, dressed mannequins, customs, attires and festivals recreated. Among twenty ethnic minorities, Miao and Dong Nationalities were majority community than the rest. Some of the other important and interesting things you can see here are the Ciba basket made of bamboo and colorful banners used during the old times during worshiping and festivals Ciba is a fried snack made from rice. By and far this will me mesmerizing experience to get exposed to various attires, ornaments and costumes used by the great civilization of various tribes. It would be a wonderful expereince to see all the cultural varieties under one roof.

Folk Handicraft Art Gallery
Folk Handicraft Art Gallery is a formidable experience. Most of the artworks displayed here are the originals or replica of the ancient times which are really displays the unequivocal artistic talent of Chinese craftsmen. You can see everything what you want to see here.Bamboo works, wood sculptures, embroidery, silver and other jewelries, paper cutting and art works, clay pots etc., is really awesome to watch.

Conscious efforts are applied here to create the ambience and tourist will be really enthralled the ethnic wonders of an old civilization. Your visit in the museum will be a wonderful experience in your life and definitely you will carry along with you lot of everlasting sweet memories.

Travel Tips:
Convenient transport services are available from Guiyang to Kaili National Museum. From Kaili town you can take a taxi to reach to the museum. Entry fee is CNY 50 per head. 

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