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Karuola Glacier

 2013-11-23    Sylvia Lai    Tours    Shigatse    1409  

Karuola Glacier located on about 5,600 meters north of the main peak of Karuola Mountain, which is 71 kilometers from Gyangtse country, Shigatse of southwest of Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It is a special glacier which well-known as the nearest glacier to the road in Tibet. For this advantage location, Karuola Glacier is attracting thousands of tourists to appreciate her all around the world every year.

By lying behind the south of one of the fourth highest mountain Rengqikangsang Mountain (with the altitude of 7191meters high) of Tibet, the glacier is looking quite magnificent. The east ice tongue is 3 kilo meters long and 750 meters wide while the west ice tongue is 4.5 kilo meters long and 1.5 kilo meters wide. The area of the whole glacier spreads about 9.4 square kilometers.
Karuola Glacier is just about 300 meters far away from the highway. Although the glacier is half-way up the mountain, it is still very easy to see. Even sometimes you think you can stretch your hands to touch the beautiful glacier. Watching Karuola Glacier, you can found this glacier has a little different, it seems be divided into two layers-back and white. The reason why Karuola Glacier has two color layers is due to the smoke and the dust from passing vehicles on the highway. This glacier is so closed to the highway and be divided with different colors.

It is really worth to shop your steps when you have chance to pass Karuola Glacier. The glacier is surrounded by lots of thick clouds, with the white snow are covered. The shape of the glacier looks like a big frozen river, prepares to flow down from the high mountain. It is clear and pure. Isn’t it exciting to see this masterpiece of the nature?

One of the famous movies called “Red River Valley” was filmed in Karuola Glacier, directed by Feng Xiaoning, an outstanding director of China. The movie told a moving story. Two foreigners were rescued by one Tibetan young man, but when they came back to their homeland, the foreigners whose actually identities are soldiers decided to invade Tibet. A cruel war was broken. To defend Tibet, the young man was sacrificed his life while killed his enemies by an explosion. When watching the movie, you not just see the cruel war, but see a lots philosophy of life, faith, freedom, death, civilization and savage and so on. You will certainly respect the strong power of the nature.

Karuola Glacier was formed in many thousand years ago. It is one of the marvels by the earth. But due to the research by the scientist, it is really feel sad about that Karuola Glacier is vanishing slightly gradually because of the global warming and other pollutions. Before a few years ago, Karuola Glacier can spread to the highway. People who came across can easily touch the glacier with their hands. But now the things are changed, the glacier is only lying in the hillside away from the highway.

Karuola Glacier is glorious and stunning, but the environment is fragile. It is really need us to cherish this masterpiece in the earth!

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