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Kemu People of Xishuangbanna

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Once upon a time, about 4600 years ago, there was a human herd of mystery which was formed with 81 people. Their bodies were strong and tough like beasts, taking sand and rock as their food, brutal and fierce, living in the trees. They fought with beasts always but never lowered their heads.

Thousands years have passed, such people still kept the old habbit and custom very well. They are called the Kemu People, living deep in the tropical forests in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. The above is only legend, whether they are really like that is still need to be discovered.

The tropical forests was a little far away from my hotel, about half an hour drive. I was kind tired on the way but didn’t want to miss out all the good views along the way, so I tried my best to keep my eyes open and enjoy the tropical scenery. We hit the road early so there was still some mists, however, it didn’t last long. Thanks to the tropical climate, everyday around 11AM-12PM, the hot sun would burn the fog away.

Unlike tour guide from other places, here you get one tour guide for one person or a smalll group like a couple, so tourists can get the best travelling experience ever. Everything was in its original state, trees, creatures and people. Inside the jungle, there lived Kemu People. Kemu people is a typical primitive tribe, they could only speak Kemu Language, none of them could speak any other languages. They don’t have words nor speak mandarin. So it’s easy to keep everything in the original forms. Personally I do think words of thoughts and communication are the best motivation for human revolution.

I was taken aback by some Kemu kids screaming while wandering in it. Those kids got their special clothes on, with long hairs, shoes made from canvas or just barefeet, some were standing on the tree. Cute kids for sure, but it still felt kinda weird I couldn’t communicate with them. Kemu people are not very tall, but each of them got special skills. We watched some performance from them such as jumping on the pieces of glasses with barefoot, everyone was worried about the performers feet but when he’s done, he’s perfectly fine. They can do so many amazing stunt, which seems to me too dangerous.

Just when I was going to go near a cool giant tree and take a better look, my touri guide stopped me and warned me to be careful. He said the milk white liquid from the tree is lethal. Kemu people usually use the liquid to hunt animals. If you like to take a little bit adventure, try the Airway Gallery. It is about 150 meters in length and 20-30 meters high from the ground. To keep safe, two people must keep 5 meters distance between them or they might fall off from the gallery.

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