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Keshiketeng World Geopark

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Keshiketeng World Geopark is located in Chifeng city, Inner Mongolia province. It covers an area of 5000 square kilometers, featuring great landforms of glacial mortars in quaternary age and granite forest as well as other interesting landforms. It is situated in a unique geographic spot, a combination of Inner Mongolia Plateau, Greater Khingan Mountains and Mountain Yan. No wonder this is a paradise for geographical research value, more importantly, a happy wonderland for tourists. Here you can get to enjoy almost 10 kinds landscapes, glacier, granite, volcano, spring, canyon, lakes, wetlands, sand patches, and mineral deposit.

Alastu park is in the northern part of the geopark, including 4 tourists spots. Alastu means dangerous rocks in Mongolian. On the 1700 meters high mountain lies rare rock lansacape in the world-Alastu Rock Forest. Tons of rocks and stones in various shapes such as animals, tower, and human figure, completely created by mother nature, forming a book coming of the apocalypse. In addition, tourists can also visit geological sciense base inside the park. You can choose to take the tour bus or walk by yourself. My personal advice would be taking your time and enjoying the view along the trip.

Walking on the stone road, we are heading to the mountain top. Tall white birch trees along the road, trees decorated with ripe fruits, some of which are too ripe that could fall to the ground anytime. In the distance on the hillside, big patches of wild flowers swing gently with the breeze, red, yellow, purple, blue, all the bright colors mixing together, weaving a giant flower carpet. When reaching the half, we take the cable car cuz everyone is already tired. The view higher is even better, nothing but the sound of the nature, leaves rustling, insects singing. Everyone stops talking and just sink in this beatiful world of wonder, taking it all in.

If you are in the mood for a nice camping day, Hunggangliang tourist zone is the perfect place for you. The trip is a bumpy road so it would be a great choice to drive sport car. Camping besides the Moon Lake on the south, with sand patches and spruce forests on the west, prairie on north, just imagine how beautiful the atmosphere would be. For those who don’t want to take camps, they have nice mongolian yurt and cpzy white birch wood house. Food with special flavors, you can also watch deer herd, ride horses, go sailing and fishing.

There is a very famous spring spot inside the park. According to the historical record, an emperor named Kangqi of Qing dynasty once took the spring bath here, even today tourists still can see the site of where he took baths. The spring water could reach up to 83 degrees, with more than 47 micro elements such as fluorine and radon. No wonder it does magic to a lot diseases like body circulation problems, difficult digestion as well as motor system.

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