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Know About the Chinese Customs and Traditions Before Traveling

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China is a vast country with mysterious cultural wonders, where people are still practice the ancient traditions and customs of which they are very proud of. The word chins can conjure the thoughts of many people related to giant pandas, dragons, red clour, the distinctive script or the number 8. But, when you are traveling throughout the country there is a lot more that you can see. The Chinese civilisation is considered to be the one of the oldest one which has grown a lot during last few centuries. Let me tell you about some of the traditions, cultural events and cultures which are different from rest of the countries and are very much fun to attend.

Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is also celebrated as Spring Festival in China and it is celebrated according to Chinese calendar. The place is worth travelling and visiting during this season of year. You will definitely enjoy the happiness messages that are being hung by everyone outside their houses, the good fortune, and the taste of feasts prepared specially during New Year. If you are planning to visit the place during this season don’t forget to book your tickets well in advance as the train or flight tickets are booked as soon as the reservation for that time starts.

The Chinese Dragons

In China, the dragons are considered to be the beneficent sculptures, which are the ones who bring the fertiliser rains. The dragons are the mythical structures of China which are assumed to bring the ultimate prosperity, abundance and good fortune for Chinese people. A dragon boat festival is celebrated throughout the country with very much fun and zeal. The main highlight of this festival is the dragon boats which are very fierce looking and lively for racing between the two teams. The festival is full of enjoyment and zeal where everyone watching the race enjoys as much as the people riding the dragon boats. The winner dragon boat is given price money.

The Worship of Earth

The summer solstice in China marks a day that is dedicated for worshipping the earth. Earth was worshipped in China since its earliest times and it is considered to be related with the sacrifices that are being made by the human beings for other humans. The earth is worshipped along with mountains, rivers, soils and water with full etiquettes.

The Chinese Masks

All the ethnic groups of China share a common cultural phenomenon of masks. When the world was not known very well, the ancient people of China created the divinities and totems for praying to them for having power against the natural disasters and calamities affecting the Chinese people. Since the time has changed the masks have been put to artistic changes and entertainment for people. China is a country which is multi ethnic and very famous for manufacturing various types of masks for various purposes. There is a mask museum where you can see all the types of masks that have been made till date.

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