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Lake Lugu Traveling Tips

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People say that you will feel a new world in Lugu Lake and it is a mysterious world. The adventurer is looking for the adventure too...
Now let make a list for the adventurer to travel the Lugu Lake.

Tip 1 : Best Time for Traveling to Lugu Lake

The Lugu Lake has adequate lighting, and the lake does not freeze all the year around. This place has different scenery in each season, the best weather of Lugu Lake is around March to October and July to September is the rainy season ( by the way, you would better avoid the rainy season for traveling, I think).

Tip 2 : What to Wear

The annual average temperature of the Lugu Lake is around 17 degrees, the temperature of summer is around 15 to 25 degrees and the winter temperature is around 3 to 18 degrees. In the winter, the temperature at the dawn or dusk may low, please bring more clothes ( which good for cold weather). I suggest you to bring a coat, even in summer. Because of the Lugu Lake is located in plateau area, the weather changes frequently and the ultraviolet radiation is very strong. Then i suggest you would better bring the umbrella, flashlight, hat, sun cream, common medicine and sunglasses.

Tip 3 : Accomodation Costs

Basically, the hotel fees are around 150 RMB in Lugu Lake and the hotel is quite good. Have a meal there is around 30 to 40 RMB each person. And the traffic part is expensive ( basically, the visitors will choose to charter a car together) but it is free by walking.

Basically, every village has hotels and roadhouses. You could choose the nearest hotel for spending a night. Off season, the hotels charging for 50 to 200 for one person, but the Lugu Lake will be crowded in season and I guess it is very hard to find a hotel, then you should book by phone or on the internet before your trip.

Tip 5 : Practical Information

A. Language

The people in the Lugu Lake are the Mosuo people, their mother language is one of the native language which i could not understand. As the native development, more and more native people could speak Mandarin, for the foreigners who need a translator by visit or you could visit this place with your Chinese friends if you could not speak the Mandarin.

B. Banks

If you have no Chinese Visa or bank card, I suggest you to get some cash before you visit but as you know that the safety in a small village is not that good, I still suggest you to get a Chinese visa or bank card.
If you have Chinese visa or bank card, then you could get cash with the ATM machine of RCC at the Performance & Art Center of Daluoshui village, Lugu Lake scenic area.

Please have to know about this that there is no bank and ATM machine in other villages of the Lugu Lake, you would better get cash before you go or get cash at the place which i mentioned.

Tip 6 : Emergency Numbers

Police telephone: (+852) 0834-6390110, ( +852)0888-5881110
Ambulance call: (+852) 0834-6390120
Tourist Complaint : (+852) 0834-6362125, 6390322
Fire alarm : 119

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