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Largest Waterfall in Asia-Detian Waterfall

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Located in Daxin County, Guangxi Province,between China and Vietnam,Detian Waterfall is the largest transnational waterfall in Asia,and the second largest transnational waterfall around the world.It is a must-go if you travel to Guangxi,China.You will definitly be shocked by its amazing beautiful scenery.Detian Waterfall is famous not only in China,but also in the entirety of Asia and the world.

Detian Waterfall has won a reputation of “second most beautiful waterfall in China”in October 2005 through a competition held by Chinese National Geographic Magazine.In addition to its stunning scenery,Detian Waterfall is unique for its geographic location.It located between China and Vietnam.So,you can also admire the colorful exotic customs here.

The main sections of the Detian Waterfall include a series multi-layered stone waterfalls.The picture of the various levels of the waterfall feed into each other creates a magnificent sight.Before the sunrise,there is dream-like mist pervading around with the water splashing and plunging into the valley. 

With other attractions nearby,this place has a magnificent sight with fairytale-like lush and green vegetation surrounded.The scenic spots you can not miss include Mingshi Pastoral scenic area,multi-level waterfalls of Shatun,steep peaks around the Heishui river,beautiful scene of Naan,Leiping stone forest and No 53 boundary tablet between China and Vietnam.

You can take shuttle buses from Nanning to Daxin which depart every 20 minutes.Take some comfortable clothes and some extra shirt and pants when exploring the Detian Waterfall.  

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