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Leigong Mountain – The Thunder God Mountain

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Leigong Mountain or the thunder god mountain is the highest mountain in the entire range of Miaoling Mountain and also the highest mountain in southeast part of Guizhou. This mountain is situated in Leishan County and is about forty minutes’ drive from Kaili which is a well-known travel city of Guizhouarea. It comprisesof ten peaks, all of which are above 1800 meters in height, the highest one is ascending to 2178.8 meters. It is regarded as the sacred mountain midst Miao people and believed as the mountain where the God of Thunder resides. The literary meaning of Leigong in Chinese is God of Thunder.

Main attraction
The Leigong Mountain was broadcasted as a national forest region in 2003, comprising an entire area of 47300 hectares. It claims a greatquantity of unique animals and lush virgin forests which shelters a total area of 26199 hectares and is the first and largest Taiwan Fir (a rare species of tree throughout the world) Natural Reserve.The peak of the Leigong Mountain is similar to a 350-meter-long podium which is large enough for many travelers to camp. The weather is normally drizzly and wet, and alters continuously.

Lovely location:
Leigong Mountain is a lovely place with flowers budding in four times of year and birds chirping every minute. It has plentiful of natural plant life and high rain fall. Mountains and hills are adorned with opulent green trees and stunning flowers. Certain fruit like waxberry, Chinese gooseberry, chestnut and others can be found here. In addition to the decorative plants, there are moreover many medical plants. The Leigong Mountain has over 2,000 species completely. A great number of unique animals like pangolin, black bear, giant salamander, Jiaoguai (which is only present in Leigong Mountain) and macaque are travelling amid the virgin forest. Under such conditions, one may sense that he or she is really coming back to nature.

Miao ethnic community villages:
There are tons of Miao villages dispersed all through the Leigong Mountain National Forest Park. The antique cultural buildings, lovely and exclusive ethnic dresses, charming singing and dancing, stimulating ethnic fiestas and delightful food become the tourist attractions of Leigong Mountain National Forest Park. "Chacha House" is the antique Miao-style house that is well conserved in this Mountain. Leigong Mountain was as well the last battle ground for the marginal Miao people fighting against the Qing administration. The head of the rebellion Yang Daliuand Zhang Xiumeiwere captured here. Nowadays, we can still find certain places like the stage with name of a person, the sentinel and the grave where more than ten thousand people were buried.

How to reach
After a lengthy expansion, the transport about and in Leigong Mountain National Forest Park has developed to be very convenient. It is merely 40 minutes’ journey from the Kaili and about two hours and a half drive journey from Guiyang. Guiyang is the center of Guizhou Area. There are also straight buses and air travel which can carrytravelers here from Guilin a busy city of Guangxi Area and Zhangjiajie which is a famous tourist city of Hunan Region. 

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