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Leshan Giant Buddha

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    Leshan located in the southwest of Sichuan province, which is about 180 kilometers from Chengdu. My friends described the Giant Buddha statue graphically so that I could almost imagine it accurately and couldn’t wait to go there personally. I planed to go there half a year ago and it was around National Day. My boyfriend talked much that it would be crowded and heavy traffic during at that time, but I didn’t change our travel plan. We stuck on to the original schedule. I was all geared up to go sightseeing of the great Buddha of Leshan, because it is known as a worldwide famous travel scenic spot.

    The carved stone Buddha was built in ancient times and the grand Buddha is erected beside the river with exquisite rock caving design which makes it decent. It riches in religious connotation and has a long history of more than 1,300 years. Also, it has been listed on the World Cultural Heritage. The tower is 71m with its head 14.7m in height, shoulder 28m in width, and its ear 6.72m. Its huge sized representation looks like a mountain. It is said that Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest sitting Buddha in the world and we were shocked by the stupendous statue. Two male visitors standing by were happy as larks, full-mouthed discussed that the ear cavity may hold two young men and the Buddha’s instep can seat many people. On his head, there are more than 1,000 buns. The tour guide told us this is an image of Maitreya, originated of historical empress Wu Zetian. Common people worship Maitreya during Tang Dynasty because it symbolizes the bright future and happiness.

    I had carefully observed the statue again. It features bare foot, hands on his knees, fastened hairs, and the river flow below its feet. I couldn’t believe that the statue still survives in good shape after thousands of years. But soon the guide cleared up my confusions, and we were told that it has a perfect protection solution. In addition, the drainage system works well and effectively. When it rains, the facilities carried away the water which reduces the corrosion by rain. Stable geological structure makes it still keeps intact, motionless and no decay even eroded by the wind and rain for millennium years. Two eyebrows are the same length and its unique sophisticated techniques attract visitors. People will sure be surprised by its magnificent craftsmanship. Meanwhile, it leaves deeply impressive image on every tourists.

    Naturally and artificially, it is a great masterpiece and civilization of mankind. I wondered how much difficulty that the engravers may encounter thousand years ago. Their efforts and endeavor have been indelibly printed in the wheel of history, and will never fade away in people’s memory. We marveled at Leshan Giant Buddha for it adds more charm to the city and the precious legacy of the world.

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