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Li Mountain-Place with Legends

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Li Mountain is located in the north side of Mountain Qin, stretching for more than 20 kilometers, with highest peak of 1,256 meters above the sea level.The word “Li” means black horse, if you look at the mountain from the distance, it looks exactly like a running horse. Therefore it is named as the Li Mountain. The history of Li mountain can be traced back to 3,000 years ago, around in West Zhou period. Ever since then, emperors from different dynasties had taken here as their own leisure place. Li Mountain is located in the historic Lintong which is 34 kilometers from Xian



As a hot tourist attractions in Shaanxi province, Li Mountain can be visited in any time of the year. Evergreen trees and various flowers, tourists always enjoy their time here.There is so much to enjoy, the beautiful scenery, the ancient relics. One thing is for sure, one day is not enough to feel the wonder of this amazing mountain.



The mountain-climbing stone steps are about 3200 meters long. At the half-hill, there is a pavilion which is built to commemorate the Xi’an Event during the Japanese invasion war. Standing inside, I could almost feel the tension from the war of that remote age. Going uphill from the west, you can reach to the Late-shining Pavilion. My personal favorite spot is the Old Mother Palace from the second high peak, according to the legend, this is for the mother of human being-Mother Nuwa. According to the folk story, it was in Li mountain where Nuwa was refining stones to repair the cracking sky.




Because of the rich history of Li mountain, almost every tourist spot comes with an interesting story. In the east, there is the famous beacon tower. Legend has it that in ancient times, an emperor named Zhouyou wang decided to trick his minister just in order to please his favorite concubine. All the ministers were furious about what he did. So when the real war was coming, everyone was just ignoring the order from the emperor and not fighting against the enemies for him. In the end, the emperor was killed and so was the West Zhou dynasty. This is the exact beacon tower in the story.



There is a cave called Jinsha Cave, also known as the Quiet cave. Rumors has it that this is the secret place a emperor Tang Xuanzong and his concubine Yang Yuhuan. The cave wasn’t discovered until Ming dynasty. Taking a tour inside the cave, you can see statues and carves of their love stories on the wall.

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