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Liaoyang Hot & Cold Wetland Park

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Hot and Cold Land Park is situated at the foot of Bailizi Mountain of Liaoyang city, Liaoning province. It has been attracting a ton of tourists every year for its magical temperature in different seasons, especially in winter and summer. The scenic spots of the park are Hot and Cold Land Palace, Refreshing Pavillion, Hot and Cold Corridor, Beacon Towers in Ming Dynasty, and others.

The Hot and Cold Land is about 500 meters from east to west, 20 meters in width, covering an area of 10000 square meters. Looking from the distance, it is just a normal hill with white weathering stones all over. But the ice melting time from here is completely opposite to the local climate. In recent years, more and more people are coming here looking for some cool air.

Standing on this magical land in the burning hot summer, you would feel a chill rushing through your body from the feet, after 10 minutes, the freeze is getting unbearable and makes you want to leave for somewhere warmer. But when the winter comes, here would become unbelievably warm no matter how cold the real weather might be. There is slight hot air coming from the stone crack on the ground, the grass is still green as if it is in spring.

The surface temperature is around 4 degrees below zero in summer, however in winter, it would be two degrees centigrade. Year after year, it is still the same. The lowest temperature can reach 10 degrees below zero in summer, ice can be seen one meter under the ground. Largest ice tube can be approximately 30 centimeters.Till today, scientists haven’t figured out the reason yet.

The park gate is beautifully designed, with a shape of the letter X. Going uphill along the stone steps then going down the hill, there is Always Cold Palace. Regardless the scorching weather outside, the moment you step in, a piercing coldness is right in front of you. The front wall is decorated with holographic drawing of north pole, echoing the freezing air inside.

Coming out, there are Refreshing Pavillion and 100-meter long Hot and Cold Corridor. Head under the burning sun, feet above the cold ground, how awesome is that! Less than 200 meters from High and Cold Land, there is the famous Beacon Tower from Ming dynasty. It is also the best-reserved ancient Beacon Tower in Northeast area.

According to local villagers, the warmer the weather get, the colder the land becomes. Once someone placed two bottles of soda in a small cave there, it all became ice the next day. Other villagers would come here and dig ice, then carry them home for food cold storage in summer and vegetable in winter. When farmers get thirsty after cultivating lands all day, they come to the “treasure land” and dig up some ice for a little bit water supply, enjoying this gift that nature endow to this special land.

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