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Liuxi River of Zhejiang

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Liuxi River is located in the ancient Heqiao town of Lin'an City that is the excellent tourist city in China, 100 km away from Hangzhou City, 50 kilometers from the downtown of Lin'an City. With superior position and convenient transportation, Liuxi River with the collection of three streams had the clean stones and crystal water in the upper reaches of the river. In the serenely limpid waters of the river, the fishes that are playfully darting about are clearly visible.

The sight is suggestive of poetry and painting and its allure simply irresistible. The river and gulf are connected closely in the lower reach of the river. Two green mountains stand facing each other. Here the river scenery is beautiful and aquatic product resources are bountiful, which the landscape could present the unique style and features of three gorges from the western part of Zhejiang Province.

People could go rafting at this upstream of the river and go yachting and surfing at its downstream. The itinerary is expected to be very colorful. Experience mind-blowing vibrating sensations at all pleasure points with rafting, which had attracted many tourists from around the world to come in continuous succession. The small rafts trend east, the loft green mountains ride on both banks of the river.

You could go down by the stream as of you were going surfing to be more scared than hurt. The shoal fetches out the colors and makes the surface shine. The waters of Liuxi River are very sparklingly clear so that one can see its gleaming pebble-paved bottom with lively fish and shrimp darting about. The water of the deep pool where dace were swimming was oily smooth.

The green bamboo fragrant with blossoms on both sides of the river and the mulberry grove and the reeds could be added to each other's splendor. The reflections of blue sky and white cloud, green mountains and thick bamboo in the water could add to the beauty of scenery. The beauty of the reflected images and of the surrounding element itself was the poignant beauty of things that are ephemeral. The scenery was delightful beyond expression.

The beautiful scenery zone with the sheer cliffs in the Baiyun Mountain and Watertown features of the ancient Heqiao town is a magnet for visitors. You will be quite pleased to visit the Small Three Gorges of Liuxi River by tourist boat or yacht. Here the two green mountains facing each other are not only blessed with the majestic and charming scenery of the Three Gorges, but also the awe-inspiring feature that the Three Gorges does not have.

The beautiful Xiangu Island is one extremely mysterious place. The story is going about that Hexiangu once came here to make wool into cloth, wash cloth and dry cloth. You could make the boat near the wharf and go up the stairs; the arched gateway of "Shaibu Rock" with the genuine signature by Su Dongpo who was a celebrated poet of the Song Dynasty loomed up before us.

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