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Long Island

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I know there is a Long Island in New York but never know there is one in China, also in my province. The first time I heard of Long Island was from a rock. A short while ago, one of my friends just fell out of love and went to travel on her own, in her own words,go on a self-discovering trip. When she got back, the sad cloud on her face was all gone, she could smile again. Whereever she went, it must have magical healing effect.

She brought me some decoration for my tropical fish tank, some cobblestones. I was amazed when I first saw those colorful pebbles. Each one got different colors, white as jade, red as agate, green as emerald, all so beautiful. I asked her where she got those lovely stones, she grinned and said, “Long Island”.

I hurriedly checked Long Island online after she left. Ah, it’s a small island in the sea, 40 minutes sailing from Penglai Pavillion. What?? I just came from there, how did I not know there was such a great island? I booked a train ticket to Penglai and started packing my stuff.


I heard they got this new project as “Fishermen House Pleasure”for tourists. Tourists can stay in local fishermen’s house for a few days, and experience life as a fisher man. You can also go sea fishing with them. Sounds perfect for me. I got there at 4pm and found a nice fisherman’s house. They were very hospitable, the lady kept telling me,”Don’t hesitate to tell me if you need anything,sweetheart”. It’s good to feel like home when you travel solo, very heart-warming.

I took a walk outside after everything was settled. Everything was so fresh and clean in this small town, the trees, the air, the road, the sea. I passed by Crescent Bay Park, it got the name cuz the shape. If you looking at the bay from the distance, you would see a giant hook lying in front of you, or better way putting it, a crescent moon. The island got many bays with different shapes and different styles.Weathered rock seemed like crispy soda cookies, layer upon layer, listening to the hundreds of millions of years of wind and waves playing harps of nature.

Finally I came to the beach, so many pebbles with different colors! I bent down and started picking up stones. My tropical fish would be so happy if they saw what they “house” would turn out to be. I was like a child that lost in wonderland.

Seagulls were hovering above the sea, singing happily. Such scene reminded me of Jason Mraz song-Lucky. “And so I'm sailing through the sea, to an island where we'll meet. You'll hear the music fill the air, I'll put a flower in your hair. Though the breezes through the trees, Move so pretty you're all I see,as the world keeps spinning 'round, you hold me, right here, right now..” This would be the perfect place for this lovely island.

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