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Looking for Spring in Quancheng Park

 2014-03-26    sonrisabai    Sights    Jinan    1729  

Quancheng Park is the former botanic garden of the city. It’s located near from Thousand Buddha Mountain. In 2006, the local goverment changed its name as Quancheng Park. There is numerous plants, trees and flowers. There is some special tree collections like conifers, magnolias, paeonias, willows, pomegranates, lilacs, bamboos, honeysuckles and a lot more. Now it has become a leisure natural park for citizens. There’s no better time than visiting it on March, all creatures and life are coming out and saying goodbye to long cold winter.

After I went through the park gate, a nice smell of flowers flowed into my nose with the warm breeze. The air was filled with oxgyen, what a nice natural oxgyen bar. Everything is growing, the grass on the groud, the sprouts on the willows trees, small flower buds with bright colors, all can’t wait to get out. I came to the bamboo garden, so many green bamboos, I would be super happy if I was a panda. There weren’t many tourists on the small gravel road. I was walking really slow, feeling the green atmosphere.

Then I got on the “Air Corridor”, actually it’s a 2 meters high corridor that’s built on the groud. It was about 800 meters long and almost took uop half of the park, you could see the amusement park, artificial lake and other amzing views on it. So many small boats are sailing inside the lake. Williows was blowing besides the small lake, kids were playing with water guns on boat. What a wonderful world!

I walked out of the bamboo garden and wandered randomly. There was a small square where you can feed pigeons and there’s also a few entertainment facilities. Before I got to the square, my ears was filled with kids laughing and screaming already. Many parents would buy a little pigeon food so their kids can have a close touch with nature. I came to the Lotus pond, there was only a few dry leaves in it. It’s still too early. When the summer comes, the pond would be surrounded by lovers and friends, enjoying the refreshing lotus fragance and cool air.

There were so many small gardens in the park, each one got different trees and plants. Because of giant number of the plants here, the park staff put a name tag on some trees, very thoughful. Some were really tall, it would make your neck hurt if you tried to find out the trees height. Walking among those old trees made me feel like I was lost in a jungle. There was a big sakura garden with different breeds. How cool was that! No need to go to the Mount Fuji though I would definitely go there if I got enough time and money. All sakura trees were in blossom with big beautiful white petals. There was a white world in front of me. Tourists were taking pictures to save this amazing scene.

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