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Lu‘an & Shou County of Anhui

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Lu'an, a name that cannot be heard from many people, seems a little different from tourism or beautiful sceneries, however, it has another famous name called Western Anhui, filled with plenty of classical and elegant sense, making people look forward to this beautiful and mysterious land which hasn't been founded; it belongs to the center of economy, political and cultural center near Dabie Mountain.

Talking about Dabie Mountain, it is the war historic site that has no link with natural scene and smoke of gunpowder no longer exist, however, the real Dabie Mountain expresses its unique charming with its own beauty. People who travel to Dabie Mountain will go to the main peak Baimajian, where is full of splendid trees and grasses, forming a natural oxygen bar that once you are tired with climbing, you can become vivid after several deep breath. It would be a healthy journey for you after staying in the big city for a long time, admiring the roadside natural sceneries.

Autumn Dabie Mountain has a different beauty, trees have already said goodbye to the monotonous green color and changed into the colorful clothes, including the green, dim yellow, vivid golden and deep red, which is as if an oil painting with deep ink but still keeps the beauty of nature.,walking along the stone alley toward the main peak of Baimajian, yellow leaves that lying on the street shape into a golden carpet, giving out the rustle when stepping on them. When it is sunset, the entire forest becomes red, withered and yellow thatch is flying along the wind, giving you another sense of beauty.

Shou County – The Ancient County

Shou County, a name that gives people an ancient sense, carries a deep historical lingering charm, and it is true that it was the capital of Chu State in the Warring States Time, the hometown of Chu culture and therefore it was called as Chu Capital, at the same time, it is the place that Battle of Fei River taken place, you can even date back to many things until now.

There in Shou County, you can find many historical walls built since Song Dynasty, there are four gates in the wall, south, north, west and east, and the most marvelous thing is that there are barbicans in North and South Gates, which were meant to protect outer forces from breaking into, a stone turtle head stands along the East Gate.

There is no ticket shot, people inside the ancient wall live happily as they like, giving us a sense of freely, and non-desirable. Wondering along the ancient wall, a historical feeling filled your brain by touching those stones that emerged from great vicissitudes, no words can be used as a description toward it.

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