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Luoquan Ancient Town

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Luoquan Ancient Town is situated in the deep mountain of Sichuan Province, hiding deep in the stream of River Tu, where the historical incident Luoquan Meeting taking place.With more than 1,700 years history, the record of the town can be found in many historical documents. Shops and stores filled the town, businessman from all over the country came here and made their fortune.

It got famous when people discovered salt well, today it is well-preserved ancient town with desolated sense from remote age. According to the Book of Salt, Luoquan well was started from Qin dynasty and had a long history. In Qing dynasty, there were already over 1500 or so salt well in the town. It worth mention that in the year of 1925, Luoquan salt won the gold medal of Paris exposition. In 1868, salt merchats decided to built temple for the gold of salt, thanks him for bring them so much wealth.

The shape of Luoquan town is like a dragon, so it is also called The dragon town. Personally I like the second name better, sounds very cool. Wrapped with deep green mountains, rippling river in the east along the mountain, looking down the down over the mountain, it looks exactly a dragon swimming through the mountains.

One of a famous buiding at the town is the Luoquan Embroidery Building. In ancient times, embroidery house is only those girls from noble families, where they lived and learnt how to make great embroidery work. When they reach the age of marriage, they would stand on the top floor of the house and throw a embroidery ball down to the crowd. The guy who catches the ball would become her future husband. This embroidery house here was built in Qing dynasty, covering an area of 420 square meters, beautifully decorated inside.

A great custom that has been inherited for generations is the dragon lantern. Even year in Spring Festival, the town will be decorated with lanterns all over, in different kinds and shapes. No name a few, there are blue dragon, white dragon, colored dragon and so much more. On Lantern festival, Luoquan people will hold a feist and cellebrate the day with dragon perfomance.

If you ever came to here, Eight Fine Views is a must-see. It is formed with Stone Tablet under the Setting sun, Ancient Spring Hole, Lions Eating Moon, Tower in the Autumn, Son Bridge under Night Lights, Immortal Turtles, Censer Mountain and Phenix Heading to the Sun. You might have guessed some great features from those names.

One thing is for sure, you can’t enjoy those awesome views within one day. There is so much you can do, seeing the sunrise or sunset, taking a tour in the karst cave or enjoy the beautiful night lights, or having a nice meal in the locals. So take my advice and take your time in thise lovely town, taking it all in.

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