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Lushui Lake with Superb Natural Scenery

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The Lushui Lake with a beautiful natural landscape and many humane scenes has been listed as scenic spots and tourist resorts on the national level. It's located on the outskirt of Chibi City in Hubei Province. The Lushui Lake gets its name from the fact that Lunxun, one great soldier of history from the Kingdom of Wu in eastern China during the Three Kingdoms period, troops in the Lushui Lake.

The water surface of Lushui Lake accounts for 57 square kilometers, and a volume of 720 million cubic meters. Islands are scattered all along the Lushui Lake like stars in the sky. The largest island is more than 100 hectares of lands while the smallest one is like a tiny boat floating on the river.

The quantity of water is crystal clear, gently wrinkled in the winds and extending far into the distant horizon. The scene of streams of speedboats makes a glistening turbulence that might carry so far they'd reach the shore. Xuefeng Mountain on the southern shore of that lake is dense woods, pines and bamboo groves. The Lushui Lake scenic spot enjoys widespread renowned for its serene mountains, green forest, clear waters and elegant islands. It serves as an ideal place for summer resorts, leisure, vacations, retreating, recovering and aquatic sports. It has enjoyed the fame as the "Thousand-Islet Lake in Hubei."

Famous Snow-peak Mountain is located on the southern shore of that Lushui Lake. How sharply the ridges and peaks were cut against the sky. The panorama of mountains that spread in great waves before us really clutches all of the visitors. Its highest peak seems to have sprung from the ground. The peaks and the azure sky set each other off beautifully. They perfectly bring out the best in each other as they blend into a unity.

The Snow-peak Mountain gets its name from the fact that Xuefeng, one well-known Buddhist monk, resumed his practice of Buddhism here. Of the many places of scenic and cultural attractions around Lushui Lake, Snow-peak Mountain seems to have earned a most resounding fame.

Green and luxuriant are cunninghamia lanceolata forest that is covering more several million mu of lands. They like islands of brilliant blue set capriciously in the green sea. Xuansu Cave has one water-eroded cave that is located at the foot of Snow-peak Mountain. The side of the Lushui Lake was lined by trees. Story has it that Xuansu, one famous person, had worked extremely hard in cultivating himself in the earliest times, hence the name the Xuansu Cave. The Karst cave is famed for its elegant beauty of forest-covered peaks.

The peculiar stones and serene cave form a magnificent picture. With beautiful mythical tales adding to the allure of the gorgeous scenery, Lushui Lake has today has aroused infinite aftertaste and reverie. The best seasons for traveling are the late spring and early summer. Visitors could go by the steamer to catch the lake breeze. It could do you nicely to enjoy the coolness of lake breezes. 

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