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Luzhi Ancient Town

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Luzhi (Lùzhí) Ancient Town is a famous ancient town,praised as the First Town of Chinese Watery Regions by Fei Xiaotong . It is located in the eastern of Suzhou,18 kilometers from Suzhou,58 kilometers from Shanghai , covering a total area of ??72 square kilometers . It is a water town of rich Jiangnan characteristics with more rivers,bridges , lanes,old houses and  celebrities .

Luzhi once was the place where Wu Palace located.The town flourished and became well-known in Tang and Song Dynasty.Baosheng temple in Luzhi is one of the famous temples in Jiangnan region which is built in Liang Dynasty . It is a key cultural relics protection unit . There are other many historical and cultural heritages you should not miss.Beside Baosheng temple , you can also visit Yeshengtao Memorial , Wansheng Rice Merchants , Wudong River Women's Clothing Shop, Wangtaoji Memorial , Xiaofangfang Memorial Art Gallery and other tasteful and unique attractions .

It's said that Luzhi once had "seventy-two and a half" bridges.Now,there are 41 of those survived.The town is called as "Chinese ancient bridge museum ."It's amazing to see the variety of monuments , ancient bridges , old streets , ancient houses and the 1300 years old ginkgo tree .

You can appreciate the beauty of Jiangnan theatrical performances at the ancient stage where there are Watertown Dance, Suzhou Pingtan performances everyday.After the performance end,you can visit cultural park,feed the the fish and enjoy the beautiful garden scenery.

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