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Macau Grand Prix Museum - Paradise of Racing Cars

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The Grand Prix Museum is located inside the New Port Tourist Center of Macau. Firstly built 1993 by the Macau government, with the purpose of commemorating the Grand Prix Racing. As a internally renowned event, the Grand Pix have been held for more than 50 years ever since 1954. Every year in November, car racing lovers from all around the globe would gather here and participate in the game.


Inside the museum, there displays more than 20 racing cars from some famous racing drivers such as Ralf Schumacher and Ayon Senna, as well as some racing suit and stuff from those celebrities. Visiting the Grand Pix Museum can give tourist a better understand of the glorious history the Grand Pix Museum, not only that, they can also admire all kinds of cool racing cars in the world. Besides various Formula 1 racing cars, there are also some other kind cars inside the museum such as RV racing cars and two bubble cars with extraordinary look.

Stepping inside, everyone is completely amazed from head to toe by so many awesome racing cars. I never consider myself as a car lover, but what’s in front of me is still a lovely scene to see. Like a great feast to the eyes.Vibrant colors and bold-designing shapes, every car is such a great work of art. Seeing is believing indeed. Suddenly I kind come to realize why so many people enjoy the car racing. It is not only about the speed, it is more like the unique experience that they can only have when doing car racing. Since I don’t have much professional knowledge in car racing area, all I can do is enjoy the beautiful looks of those cars. Doesn’t matter to me though.

From the settings of the museum, you can see the great efforts from the museum designer. Not only they want to show the visitors those great-looking racing cars, they also design some vivid scenes to show what is real car racing scene look like, the excitement, the tension, the passion. Car racing drivers resting next to his car, medical personnel saving lives from the car crashing scene, and so many more. No matter how cool the car racing game seems, it is still a very dangerous game. Anyone could die at anytime.

If I have to name one strange thing about the Grand Pix Museum, it probably is the security guards. There are so many. While you are visiting around, you can see the guards even from the corner of the eyes. Behind every scene there stands a security guards. I think it is because those cars are too precious and rare and need to be protected every well. In addition, they also have projector to show the tourists a general introduction of the museum and the Grand Pix, as well as some classic moment of the game. One thing is for sure, here you can feel the core spirit of the Grand Pix and the charisma of car racing.

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