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Made in China - local brands which offer novel souvenir ideas (1)

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Once in a while, travelers to China may find that souvenirs in gift shops or roadside markets, be it in tranquil watertown along the Grand Canal, or vibrant mountainous cities in east China, share a quirky resemblance - the only difference is the name printed on, maybe. A joke has goes that all these goods actually come from Yiwu, a famous powerhouse for small commodity trade. 

But, wait. Believe it or not, there are some homegrown brand to meet and even exceed your expectation. Somehow, they have stood out as edgy, unique labels with a good dose of functionality and aesthetic merit. Why to make this seemingly exaggerated judgment? Their drastic sales and revenue speak loud for themselves.

Xiaoguan Tea

Chinese tea has long been recognized as an intangible culture heritage. With over thousan-year evolvement, tea-drinking has exceed it original sense as merely a option of drinking to curb thirsty. More of a culture and way of life, it is now. 

This 360 billion worth tea market, however, is not ordered considered the wide varieties of tea and the difficulty recognizing degree for layman Chinese - not to say foreign consumers. You may end up spending a considerable buck in return of cheap-degree tea. Tea peservation is another trouble-spelling issue. Xiaoguan Tea offers an solution to these two consumer conundrums.


With joint effort from eight tea masters, each with expertise in one famed category of Chinese tea, namely Kunming Pu'er, Da Hong Pao, West Lake Longjing Tea, Tieguanyin Oolong tea, Huangshan Maofeng tea, Jasmine tea, White tea, Yunan Black tea, Xiaoguan Tea launched a revolutionary collection of mini canned tea. Small size aluminium pot means better anti-oxidation and less pressure to race with the best-before-date.


A flat rate, CNY480 for 10 cans and CNY1000 for 20 cans, has been applied to over 300 chain stores across the country. If you are travelling to a place beyond the city-list, almight Taobao will do a favor.

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