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Maixiu National Forest Park in Qinghai

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Maixiu National Forest Park is one of the core areas of ecological conservation and protection in the well-known Qinghai nature reserve of the three rivers' head source, also a key forest zone of the National Natural Forest Protection Project. The woodland is blessed with the magnificent, rich and unique forest landscape, the bold and glorious yet distinctive natural mountains and waters landscape, the antiquities and venerable ruins with a long history, cultural landscape with the different culture and the dense nationality amorous feelings.

Moreover, Maixiu National Forest Park also boasts its delightfully cool climate, excellent regional environment, which had the significant differences with landform, climate and landscape in the neighboring areas. The beauty spot combines delicately the unique natural sight and abundant human tourism resources.

Maixiu National Forest Park is located within the territory of Zeku County in Huangnan State, which is the primeval forest scenic spot. Within the scenic beauty of beautiful scenery and overlapping steep mountains, the tourist destination is blessed with the gigantic wilderness of immense forest, crystal clear flowing water, with singing birds and fragrant flowers.

The scenic area has a flourishing scene of prosperity in spring; it could display the green trees with dark shades which bring the refreshing cool during the height of summer; bright yellow fruits covered the branches in the golden autumn; the trees and flowers in the place were covered with snow as if they were made of jade in the snowcapped winter. It's fair to state that it's the queen of the picturesque and secluded summer resorts.

There're famed and precious medicinal materials including rhubarb, root of large leaf gentian, the white snow lilies and cord yceps sinensis, The place is also the haunt for the rare animals like the snow leopard, musk, snow cocks and phasianus colchicus, which makes it become the natural preservation zone of alpine animals and plants.

The scenic spot has been approved by our country to be one national-level forest park. People could also regularly organize events in the district like mountain-climbing, hunting, shooting and technology investigating. The hot spring hotel was built around the Maixiu forest. The temperature of spring which contains diversified minerals could remain about 30 degrees centigrade. By and large, the place is an ideal place to bathe, rest and refreshment.

There's a broad stretch of green land with fine watersheds inside Maixiu National Forest Park. When seen from afar, the tents of Tibetan herdsmen dot on the lawn like the small flowers. Now and then you catch sight of the smoke spiraling up from the kitchen chimney. The villagers that are having a mass read for the repose of one's soul are getting together, piously listening to the Dalai Lama chanting sutras.

No sign of the characteristic noises of cities or of the supermarket with the rich arrays of goods could you discern. There were merely the serenity and the peacefulness. Beautiful Maixiu National Forest Park is truly an ideal place for the broad masses in Huangnan State and its surrounding area. 

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