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Malinghe Valley of Guizhou

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Malinghe Valley is located in the northeast of Xingyi city, Guizhou Province. It is a giant deep crack formed during the orogenic movement, with waterfalls, bamboo, caves and ancient trees inside, therefore it’s also called “ A beautiful Scar on Earth.” Maling river is actually the middle stream originated from the Wumeng mountain, the upper stream called Qingshui river. As it is known to all, Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau has the largest area of karst land form, and Malinghe is just situated in the foothills of the bulge, combining the amazing mountain view and unique karst landscape as one. Malinghe Valley is attracting more and more tourists in the past few years.
In the vast land of 450 square kilometers, you can expect almost everything you need for a nice travel experience. Camping, hiking, trekking, mediating, whatever suits your mood. There are three major parts of the Malinghe valley scenic zone: Malinghe valley, Ten Thousand Peaks Forest, and Ten Thousand Hills Lake. The valley is about 74.8 kilometers in length, 50-150 meters in width, 120-280 meters in depth. Just imagine how small you are standing deep in the valley, again you have to admire the mighty nature for its magic creativity.
Walking inside the valley, with deep green tall trees besides, a brand new view with every step you take, just like wandering in a distant dream. It is so beautiful like it’s not earthly. There is a famous poem describing perfectly the stunning view of the valley, “The clouds among the mountains amazing, the lava rocks are even better; Shall you paint the view on a canvas, it will never get done. Only poems can speak for such unique scenery, for it hovers inside the valley. Malinghe valley is indeed the great poem made by the nature.

Not only the breath-taking natural scenes in here, tourists can also get to see tons of ancient relics. For example, they have Guizhou Dinosaurs Fossils coenosis in  200 million years ago, which was 100 million years earlier than dinosaur eggs fossils. When it comes to the human's activities sites, there are Cats cave, Zhangkou Cave as well as some tombs from Han dynasty. Reminiscence the history of human beings in such wonderful environment is a fun thing to do.
The most exciting part of the valley is the drafting. The drafting area is about 47.7 kilometers long, with raging water and steep cliff on both sides. The best drafting season is around June to October, because at this period, the water amount is the fullest in the valley.

Be sure you have to strong heart before getting on board, at some point the natural difference could be up to 200 meters, for those who don’t like extreme sports, it might be a great idea to pass this. In Ten Thousand Peaks Forest, you would be amazed by those majestic rocks . All the rocks are huge and with interesting shapes, here is the perfect place to use your imagination.

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