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Mawangdui- Pursue The Secrets of Ancient China

 2013-11-08    Sylvia Lai    Sights    Changsha    2829  

If scenery is like a beautiful painting, museum is more like an excellent book. Go to the museum, you’ll know more about the civilization of China. In the five-thousand years of China history, Mawangdui is like a window to let you get more understanding about the ancient China.

Mawangdui is one of the most famous and mysterious Tomb of Han dynasty period, which is more than 2100 years. It is located in the eastern of Changsha, about four kilometers from the center of the city. From 1972 to early 1974, Chinese archaeological workers excavated three tombs. The discovery of Mawangdui attracted great attention both China and abroad. This mysterious relics with a well-preserved female corpse unearthed from the tombs have great value in studying not only for its technology of anti-corrosion ,but also for studying the politics, economy, military, affairs, culture, science and technology of the ancient China. The discovery of Mawangdui has great influence and really important to the history of China’s archaeology.

Mawangdui has unearthed three Han tombs. According to research, the tombs are the early Western Han nobility of the family cemetery. It was buried ground of Li Cang, the Chancellor of Changsha state in the early western Han dynasty and his family. Its structure is complex and the magnificent, including one on the 3rd coffin burial intact tomb. It was composed by three-layer containments bottom, (Department containment, containment, within containment), and also three-layer coffins (outside the coffin, the coffin containing the coffin).

The most mysterious tomb of Mawangdui is the No.1 comb with a woman unearthed. This body is more than 2100 years, and also has physical integrity and enrich with soft tissue elastic. It is not just different from the common mummy, but also different from the body wax and peat body tanning. This is a special type of body, with its anti-corrosion technology also a miracle, which shocked the world’s archaeologists. And whose is women is? It is said that the name of the women in tomb is Xing Zhui. She was li Cang’s wife.

The research shows by archaeologist that madam Xin Zhui enjoyed the high position and lived in a comfort environment before her death. She concerned much about her making up. She was called as an “eastern sleeping beauty “by the people. And now the body is on display in a specially designed basement in Hunan Museum, Changsha, attracting a lot of scholars, tourists for sightseeing ever year.

Mawangdui is also unearthed a lot of other valuable things such as figurines, musical instruments, weapons, silks. And also it has a lot of other treasures in the tombs. It is much delicate than the general combs used nowadays. It’s still amazing how it could be made so fine. It’s a mirror for people to understand the brilliant culture of China.

When you travel outside feel a little tired, why not come into this great museum to appreciate the secret of ancient China? You’ll truly know how mysterious is!

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