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Meditations on the Ancient Mount Langya

 2014-04-12    Young    Sights    Anhui    1846  

Scenic spot and historic site of Mount Langya stands on the southwest of Chuzhou City, the east of Anhui Province. It's one well-known scenic attraction and forest park at state level. It sheltered in a rugged fold of the mountains away from Chuzhou City. It's an ancient name for Mo'Tuo'Ling or Motuo Ridge, and renamed in the Western Jin Dynasty when in A.D. 281-316 Prince Langya, Sima Zhou by name, took a hiding-place hewn in the side of the mountain.

The resort has a total area of about 115 square kilometers and the forest overlay rate reaches to 86%, so that it is called "Natural Oxygen Bar" and "Green Pearl" that is rich in the forest resource. It is a natural and the humanities view with the animal or plant appreciating for major landscapes, the tour and rest combine together of large comprehensive beautiful spot. The spot would abreast a dense and nearly wholly unpeopled forest. Extraordinary rocks, secluded caves, peaceful caves and winding streams are the four features of this base. If you came to the proliferating plants set among hills and interlaced by flowing water, with a Langya temple half hidden among the foliage.

The reserve is regarded as the most fully preserved natural secondary forest from subtropical to warm climate. There're many cultural sites available here, among which the Old Tippler's Pavalion is the most famous one. Of the many places of great interest here, the one that holds out the greatest attractions to sightseers is surely the Pavilion of the Old Drunkard. The courtyard is entered by a gate in the east at which the first building in it that salutes your eyes is a pavilion whose name Zui'Weng'Ting or Pavilion of the Old Drunkard is also the name of the courtyard as a whole. But what is called the Pavilion of the Old Drunkard is indeed a courtyard with an area of about 500 square meters with a group of constructions like open halls, pavilions, studios etc.

Crowned by a roof with upswept eaves, the Pavilion of the Old Drunkard looks elegant with classic simplicity, but very stately too, with walls filled with numerous carved inscriptions. The complete text of the essay "Record of the Old Tippler’s Pavilion" as inscribed by Su Dongpo the well-known Song Dynasty man of letters. When he wrote this commentary with only 39 years old, going far beyond "the white-haired, wizened old man with bent back and unsteady steps" he said he was. But this was only a reflection of without fulfillment of his ambition or aspiration.

It came as one of the most beautiful surprises that this short piece would not only become an immortal piece of literary creation but would result in adding grace to the interest of scenic Mount Langya as a historic interest. Because of this, the pavilion where he had taken pleasure with drinking and eating has already become the most famous site on Mount Langya where people come to the delightful resort as well as to create the subtle atmosphere of the past. 

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