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Meet another silent city of gardens in China

 2013-11-12    kenziLiang    Sights    Suzhou    2022  

As for Suzhou Gardens, it is the famous national ancient cultural place with various gardens, and it is famous as heaven in the world and city of gardens. The wonderful ar-tical excelling and precise decorating skills of the gardens make people astonished, the most representative gardens in Suzhou are the Humble Administrator's Garden, Liu garden, mountain villa with embracing beauty and the Garden of Master of Nets, and they have been included into World Natural and Cultural Heritage in December, 1997. 

Suzhou is located in the mild zone with temperate weather and plenty rain, the annual temperature there is about 15.5℃, it is really a good place to spend time wondering here, you can either appreciate, travel or live in here, the integration of gardens and houses together are originated from the fascination that human beings toward the nature, and people are striving for the peace and harmony with nature after having been worked in this rush and burden world all the time. The arrangement, frame, molding, style, color, decoration, furniture and layout stands for the southern folk architecture of Ming & Qing Dynasty, reflecting the high standard and noble living civilization in those areas, which is also another embodiment of the architecture standard and art achievement at that time.

People who come to Suzhou are sure to pay a visit to Suzhou Garden, in other words, those people who visit to garden are meant to appreciate the romantic charm of lake in this garden. However, if you want to know more about lives of local people, you need to spend more time here and walk street by street with a camera, or talk with them for a few minutes, in this case, you will only know why so many people wish to live or work here and why Suzhou is a good place for living.

It is not exaggerate to describe Suzhou as a quiet city, if you used to the mess and dirty north cities, you will get that feeling more. In alley and streets in Suzhou, there is little chance to come across a piece of scraps of paper, not alone those important places such as train station, which should own to cleaner who are keeping working hard, and they are mostly come from the countryside, if without their hardworking, where is the quiet from? Therefore, i respect those cleaners deeply in my heart.

Vacant places in Suzhou are seldom be seen, however, you can meet into many big trees standing in the roadsides with plenty fruits and blossomed flowers. Especially the banana trees which keep green for there is no fruit, they are good and suitable plants to decorate the environment, even the waste collection spot becomes beautiful because of it.

Even though it is the late autumn now, it is still very hot in the middle noon, people who went out at this time will keep them from sunshines, especially the women, couples are sitting behind the roadside, having juice, is it a fun? In some degree, life is as simple and vivid as this.

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