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Meijiawu Tea Culture Village in Hangzhou

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Meijiawu Tea Culture Village is located in the hinterland of the western Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Xihu in Hangzhou, to the south of the Meiling tunnel, over ten li across along both sides of the Meiling Railway, which also has been known as "Ten-mile Meiwu." Meijiawu is such one kind of beautiful ancient village with the history of over 600 years.

With mountain, landscape, dock, water, tea and culture, Meijiawu Tea Culture Village is the first-grade protection zone and one of the leading producer of West Lake Dragon Well tea, also the sightseeing and recreation tourist area that had gathered country natural villages with the most intriguing aspects of tea country at the suburb of Hangzhou and tea culture merging into one organic whole.

Surrounded by green mountains on all sides and tea mountains rising one upon another, just as with Longjing tea and Shifeng Tea, Meijiawu Tea Culture Featured Village is prolific in the production of West Lake Longjing tea with green color, aromatic flavor, mellow taste and beautiful shape, which had gained the consistent favorable comment of customer both at home and abroad.

Meijiawu Village as the famous and original place of dragon tea in Hangzhou is blessed with natural scenery of mountains and rivers and particular human tourism resource. As a new light spot of tourism with the unique brand, Meijiawu Tea Culture Village had dredged and developed much historic cultural landscape. We walked to the top of the tea mountain and looked around at the unfolding panorama, green and luxuriant are tier upon tier of tea bushes.

An eyeful of green was coming from straight ahead. The fragrant smell of the tea could bring joy to one's soul and refreshes the mind. On entering into Meijiawu, visitors could get closer to nature and derive the greatest pleasure from the sightseeing, relaxation and touring of tea culture. With the launch of Meiling tunnel, Meijiawu Village had become a good place for rest and recreation for a growing number of urban residents.

The planned Meijiawu Culture Village would construe the featured central street. When you went through the Meiling tunnel and walked on the repaired Meiling thoroughfare, the soothing taste of the tea would reach our nostrils. The murmuring Meiwu Stream at the foot of Wuyun Mountain ran through the desilting and later became smooth and clean, which reflected the beautiful sight of rows of the country cottage with the white walls and gray bricks.

With the neat and tidy folk houses in south of Yangtze River, beautiful and elaborate little bridge and murmuring brook, glossy green tea garden, Meijiawu Tea Culture Village through a series of reconstructions had created farm leisure tourism environment.

Sitting inside the farmer's house in the reconstructed Meijiawu Tea Culture Village with lattice wooden windows, green tiles and white walls, I just made myself a cup of Dragon Well tea with a strong tea flavor, kept in view the lush and verdant tea bushes outside the court all over the fields and mountains, the richly satisfying aroma afforded me great pleasure. 

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