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Miao People Museum of China

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In the previous century a famous ethnologist from Austrilia once made the following comments: In this world, there are two races that live a great pain but never give in to their adversities-Jews and Miao people. Miao People Museum of China is located Miao autonomous prefecture of Hunan province, covering an area of 1864 square meteres and over ten thousand items for exhibition. It tells the story of the Miao people and their culture, food, customs and everything.

Thr first hall I visit is called Miao people’s house, which is formed with three rooms. On the left it is the kichen, with stove in the front, living room is in the middle and a bedroom in the back. The second hall is about the ancient living enviroment of Miao. On the shelf there is some tools used by them, seems pretty cool. My favorite hall is the fifth one. It exhibits Miao clothes of different areas and periods all around the world, every one is beautifully made. Girls all love this.

The history of Miao people can be traced back to 5000 years ago. Regardless being expelled and eliminated by other races, Miao people never gave up hope for living and respect for their ancestors. They took cliff as their home, fields besides the mountain, having faith it everything. This is an ethenic minority with great spirit that you can not find it anywhere.

Traditionally speaking, Miao people always like to take anything informal or strange as a sign of spirit. Thus they workship those things with alcohol and meat. To name a few of their natural cult, there are giant rock, caves, huge trees and forests. In Miao’s language, they never make a clear difference of the word ghost and spirit. For them, it is basically the same thing.They think there are two kind of ghosts, one is good, the other is bad. They show much more respect when doing a rite for good spirits. Dragon is very important for Miao people worshipping.

Because of such believing, Miao people create a complete system of the witchcraft. The most famous one is probably called Gushu. It is so complicated and there is no cure. In witch cabin, tourists can watch some tools of the village master for rites. It is scary but also mind-blowing. It is amazing to see how much stuff human can be capable of. Outside I see some guys are putting knife on the ground then someone tell me there is a performance at night. Already can’t wait to seeing it.

At first, “Gu” means worms inside the vessel, now worms and insects are all called Gu. When they are offended by someone and feel very angry, they might use Gushu to take a revenge on that person once made them mad. Only themselves have the cure. Those are only for bad people and people who fail to keep their promises. So next time you try to make a promise to Miao people, do think twice.?

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