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Midui Glacier –Beautiful Glaciers in China

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Midui Glacier is a beautiful glaciersituated in Yupu Town of Bomi County and part of Nyingchi Prefecture.Situated in the south east part of the autonomous region of Tibet, this is land of lakes, virgin forests, luxurious ice basins, snow Cap Mountains, primitive villages and temples.The glacier is notorious for frequent avalanches. China National Geography Magazine has adjudged this glacier as one of the six beautiful snow glaciers in China. The glaciers are hundred kilometer away from the nearest city Yupu Township. The highest altitude of the glacier is 6,800 meters and lowest altitude is 2,400 meters.

The tributary of Yarlung Zangbo River flows out of Midui glacier:

Midui River flows out from the Midui Glacier.This is the tributary of Yarlung Zangbo River. Transportation to this picturesque land is simplified with wide net work of road transport system.As a result lots of local and international tourists are visiting the location every year. The glacier is very near to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway.

This is the only oceanic glacier you can see in the southeastern side of Tibet. The highest snow glacier, Midui Glacier is 6,800 meter above the sea level and its lowest altitude is 2,400 meters from the sea level.These oceanic glaciers are formed due to the convergence of ice water falls. The height of ice water falls is an average 800 meters and having a width of more than 1000 meters.

One of the oldest virgin forests is lay in between the glaciers.This glacier is the lowest one above the sea level in China and is one of the largest glaciers in China. The spring season open up spectacular view of ice caped glaciers and the valley is filled up with meadows and wild flowers.Further tourists can see the peculiar types of Tibetan dwellings that can resist the ice falls, herds of monkeys, sheep and cows.

Formation of new glaciers:

Avalanches happen most occasionally which helps the formation of new glaciers.The ice and snow move to the Midui River and add up its water level. The avalanche looks like a huge water wall and tourists can watch these natural phenomena from the safe observation posts.Having a binocular will be very helpful to watch the miracle of nature.

Midui village, the transit point:

The village very close to the glacier is Midui, which is a transit point.Tourist can decide their mode of exploration by SUV or by trekking.Trekking would be really fun.It will take only 2 hours to explore the safe side of the glaciers and would be one of the finest moments of your life.Protective gears and mountaineering equipments, special cold resisting liner shoes are essential if you want to go the higher altitude. Though the climate in the village is moderate as per the locals, the climate would be a bitter experience for those people coming from the tropical areas. Tourist will be getting rare opportunities to stay and mingle with the Tibetan communities to understand the cultural diversities of Tibetans.

How to get to Midui Glacier?

Frequent bus services are available from Changdu, Nyingchi and Chengdu.Tourists can take bus to the nearest glacier point Ranwu Town.Alternatively, tourist can take cabs and negotiate through the off roads to reach to Midui Village. From Ranwu Town, tourist can reach to glaciers by trekking which will take only 2 hours.Lots of moderate accommodations are available at Ranwu Town. May to October is considered as the best season to visit the glacier.The climate will be cold but not that freezing. The entry fee is CNY 50 per head and the glacier is opened throughout the day.

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