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Millennium City Park of Henan

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In China's feudal dynasties, which dynasty is the happiest for literati? The definite answer is the Northern Song Dynasty,because of the  Northern Song Dynasty rulers attach importance to cultural development. Millennium City Park is located in Kaifeng city, Henan province. It's a Song dynasty cultural theme park; reproduce the original folk custom landscape of the large Song dynasty.


At the entrance of the Millennium City Park, we see the "Baogong"that is played by actors. First appearance is the Colts, riders all dressed in Song-style shorts, hand engine flags, breakdown field sides of the door. There is a group of drummers rush out to welcome tourist, these drummers are also dressed in Song-style. They hang drum at the waist, movements are clean, drums thunder, drums cheerful bold. Finally debut is "Baozheng" which surrounded by Zhanglong, Zhaohu, Wangchao and Mahan, ect... “Baozheng” strode toward tourists, Welcome the visitors. Under the guidance of "Baozheng", we enter the Millennium City Park, tour prologue thus opened.


Enter the garden, you can see a statue of Zhang Zeduan that made of white marble stone, he is a famous painter in Song dynasty who paint the picture of Millennium City Park. Behind the statue, there are various relief that carved according to the picture "Millennium City Park". On the relief, there are the tycoon, street vendors, towers, Hongqiao and also boats sailing, it could be even seen the fortune-teller. The relief shows the bustling city of Kaifeng at the peacetime.Continue to go forward, then entered into "Bianliang street", the cries and shouts of the street vendors can be heard everywhere. Everyone struggles for attracting the guests (at this point if you want to buy things can use the RMB to pay, not silver).


 The most exciting thing is to see folk unique skills performances, there are open the bottle by kurbashi, put out cigarette butts by kurbashi, pour ladder, real fly knife, etc.Visiting folk unique skills, and go to Goulan Wasi,can witness scenes of real hot flame that often occur in the martial arts, movies.Wonderful program followed, the richest man Wang Yuanwai throw up the stage in this Xiulou for her daughter to get married, as long as the hydrangea thrown in, you can achievement “a godsent marriage”.

The next place is the second project of the Millennium City Park, we watched women’s polo, cockfighting performance, took part in the imperial examinations, chimes performance and shadow play performance, etc.. When you end the entire scenic area, it’s time to have lunch. We test the Kaifeng most typical feature-irrigation soup steamed buns.


There some free tips for you, I hope you can have a nice tourism.

The Open Time: 9:00-22:00

Ticket Price: Adult tickets are 100 yuan  
          Student tickets 50 yuan (student ID card)
          Children's tickets 40 yuan (height 1.2--1.4 meters) , below 1.2 meters free
          Elderly people with old certificate and ID card free of charge (above 70 years old have to buy 1 yuan insurance).

The Delicious Food Shop: Huangjia Laodian (head office), it is said the most authentic irrigation soup steamed buns in Kaifeng city. The 24 snack feast in “You Yixin” restaurant is the essence of Kaifeng snacks, a small amount of food but is exquisitely made. The bucket of chicken is also the features food, it has good flavor. When you hear those, do you want to go there whether or not?

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