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Mimishui Ecological Scenic Spot in Hebei

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Located in the edge of southwestern Pingshan County as the old revolutionary base area in Hebei Province, Mimishui ecological scenic spot with the tourism area of 11.5 square kilometers and the elevation within a range of 800 to 1,000 meters above sea level is about 95 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang city as the capital of Hebei province.

It's now the national 4A class tourism zone, national water conservancy scenic spots, scenic attraction at the state level and the best ecological tourist area of China. The scenic spot gathers unique natural views, places of cultural interest and red tourism as one unity. The postcard-perfect tourist area has been one of China's most popular tourist destinations, attracting numerous tourists from both home and abroad with its elegant taste, distinguishing features and dense nationality amorous feelings.

It had been one of eight wonderful views in Pingshan County as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasty. It has long been known as "the waterfalls of Mishui came down from heaven." Mimishui ecological scenic spot is the typical catchment area of karst spring as of the flowing stream all the year round that remains at a constant level. The clear spring is a source of top-quality water well-known in China.

Along the edge of the cliff is the multilevel waterfall with a drop of more than 93 meters. It could really offer a spectacular sight with a fall of 45 meters and creating a thundering noise when it strikes the rocks and water below. The treacherous ice fall in its infinite variety of forms rides high in heaven in the cold winter. The fall glittering and translucent carving is well lament for its beautiful scenery.

Those varied and numerous tourist attractions are of marvelous workmanship excelling nature. This extraordinary workmanship of nature are sure to leave virtually impenetrable riddles and a profound impression on travelers. More than 500 different kinds of natural plants in all decorated the valley with its profusion of rich colors. The entire mountain is clothed with rich and varied vegetation.

Here the summer green and autumn red primitive forest with the pretty birds' singing had made it become unsurpassed in the country. Those fairy stories, mythologies and legends full of brilliant sallies had come down from time immemorial. The stories crammed with quotations resemble the Mimi water billowing with irresistible force day and night. Words fall to describe those beautiful stories.

It perfectly displays rich historical culture with a long history and also a profundity for its variety in the Taihang Mountains. The throng of houses with black granites and gray tiles, the age-old wooden post, millstones passed down from father to son, simple and honest folkway and hospitable inhabitants embody in a concentrated way the traditional, rich and unique folklore.

Not far inside the temple gate there are many waterfalls, during cold winter months the old waterfalls form the ice falls in all shapes and sizes, with layer after layer of icicles depending from the cliffs. These beautifully clear and well-expressed icicles seemed to be dripping rhythmically. 

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