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Miraculous Mount Zhaobi in Xinjiang

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There're dozens of mountainous valleys that run north and south between towering ranges of Tianshan Mountains to the southern part of Urumqi in Xinjiang province. These valleys mostly become the tourist area. Among which the region east of Urumqi River is sprinkled with many famous scenic sites. As the common cradle of these valleys, one mountain that runs for over 60 kilometers could span across the valleys.

Zhaobi Mountain is located in the forbidding mountains and jungles in the Banfang valley about 40 kilometers away from the southern suburb of the Urumqi city. Zhaobi Mountain belongs to the lofty mountain ranges covered with the pure spruce forest in the Tianshan Mountain. The Northeast-to-Southwest mountain range is surrounded by waters on three sides, which its side is shaped like a pyramid about 400 meters in height.

According to a folk tale, Zhaobi Mountain got its name because of its precipitous terrain, sunlight striking and river outshining each other. On the south side of Zhaobi Mountain, the sheer cliffs stand facing each other on both sides of valleys, leaving only the strip of the blue sky, which had become the water valley that runs for over 10 kilometers.

One extraordinarily beautiful gorge behind the mountain is located in the dismal shadow of the woods, with the steep cliff and a forest of stone doors at the turn of the pass. The environment is highly picturesque and secluded, which was infested with sable, roe deer and wild pig. It's really a pleasant place to develop the expedition and ecotourism.

Zhaobi Mountain is a patch of the bulging hilly area on the Wumeng plateau, covering an area of fifty miles, shaped like a boat, at elevations between 1,000 and 3,000 meters. Zhaobi Mountain's favorable geographical location with water on three sides has further displayed its advantages. There is the Longquan river before the hill, while Shaba river behind the hill.

These two rivers take its course to the east in the extreme eastern part of Zhaobi Mountain and join up at the foot of the dangerous mountain peak and finally flow into the muddy and raging Niulan river. Yet these rivers flowed away along the root of mountain. The people who live up in the mountains could be able to view the currents, hear the endless noise of the water at least very little that might serve the people to any purpose.

The shortage of water had become the fatality that people couldn't get out of. Be had no choice except to gaze at the water and complain of its infinitude in the thirsty situation year after year. The westernmost tip of Zhaobi Mountain was originally linked with a range of the unknown and far-stretching mountains.

Since that out of nowhere appeared one deep and quiet mouth of the mountain, which had separated Zhaobi Mountain from those mountains thoroughly and finally formed the appearance shaped like the single boat. As with most of the ancient forests, the signs of human habitation are previously sparse in the Zhaobi Mountain. 

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