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Miraculous Qingren Valley in Guiyang

 2014-09-22    Young    Sights    Guiyang    946  

Qingren Valley is located within the territory of Dongfeng Township of Wudang District in Guiyang City, only 7 kilometers away from downtown of Guiyang. It is just an admirable place to come to for relaxation and cooling, getting closer to nature, enjoying the miracle of nature and moulding your temperament. Apart from the vivid and beautiful valley landscape, the whole valley with a highly variable and miraculous landscape also boast many caves in the innermost depths of the forest and among the sheer cliffs darkly green.

The exceedingly strange stalactites and stalagmites in the caves present colorful pictures, which might make visitors simmer with laughter. At the entrance of the deep valley and the lower stretches of river, the surface of the river was as smooth as glass. There're weeping willows that are waving gently in the morning breeze on both banks of the river.

The reflections of fresh green mountains in the water added to the beauty of the scenery. If you row a small boat, you would feel even more the leisure scene of traveling through a long scroll of traditional painting. Individual leisure villas in different styles nestling at the foot of the mountains and facing the river could contrast sharply and to each other's advantage, with the green hills and clear waters of nature.

Walking up the river, the water of the river would gradually change from serenity to reactiveness, which just looked like being amused and romping about along the way. The river went from one rock to another, and made white falls. In an increasingly rough valley that grows narrower and deeper, you could lift up your eyes to the sky and see a line of blue sky.

The sheer rocks on both sides of the river became steeper and steeper, rose higher and higher in contact with many white clouds in the sky, which could allow you to take in the full beauty of the scenery, and the wonderful artistic conception Qingguan as the poet in the Southern Song Dynasty. Nothing could have been more charming than this scenery including the vigorous vines and trees, chirping birds, green trees and blooming flowers.

To facilitate appreciating and feeling the relaxing and pleasant scenery to the fullest, visitors could man-made Juebi Path on the side of the towering cliff that winds gently through the broken ridges and steep cliffs. Standing at its top and looking down around, you just feel like standing upon the edge of the abyss which is an experience that appalls yet thrilling with exciting delight.

Meanwhile, standing high up on the summit and looking around, you will keep the delightful scenery of the entire valley in view. The valley in deep seclusion with the blue hills and green streams, which made visitors feel themselves in the midst of a veritable fairyland, the mind suddenly became capacious. The charming love stories and fairy tales in Qingren Valley could add incomparable beauty and endless glamour to the scenery with mountains and rivers with rich and assertive tannins.

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