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Miraculous Wangyou Valley in Sichuan

 2014-07-15    Young    Sights    Sichuan    2093  

Situated at the source of the Lijang River and Huajiang Township at the foot of Mount Mao'er state-level natural preservation area, the beautiful Wangyou Valley is 68 kilometers away from the downtown of Guilin City. Wangyou Valley is mainly composed of many landscapes and projects including bamboo sea, bamboo culture expo, bamboo museum, rare botanical garden in Mount Mao'er, vegetables and fruit picking area, Wangyou spring and folklore garden of northern Guangxi.

The scenic area is equipped with a countryside holiday zone, large-scale folklore restaurants, tearooms and many other supporting service areas. The most distinguished feature of the scenic area is its thick and upstanding green bamboo, winding and secluded stone path and the limpid winding Lijang stream. Whatever in leisure vacation or business activities, you will feel comfortable and convenient in the holiday inns on the banks of river and folklore restaurants in the wooden huts.

Here visitors had the opportunity to experience the rustic life by viewing wild bamboo and enjoying farmer's happiness. Many of travelers from the big cities prefer to drive here to enjoy "peasant food", which is available in the mountainous and semi mountainous rural areas. When you bow the body silently and hold a handful of sweet and refreshing mountain spring in the Wangyou Valley with both hands, lustrous and transparent one reflects your faint figure. The clear spring could wash away from the city the dust of everyday life.

It was a positive delight to take in deep breaths of fresh earth air and purify from the corrupting influences of the world. Here Wangyou Valley you could feel the romance and purity as if one were located in the land of fairies with the rich odor of refreshes all around. Wangyou Valley is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the Bamboo Sea in the South of Sichuan, which could add incomparable beauty and endless glamour to the scenic area.

On entering the door of the valley is the Cultural Street deep in the bamboo sea, the street stones are red natural sandstone. There's jade green lush and green bamboo and farinose dendrocalamus on the right of the street that set off one pellucid stream. Not far from the door is a row of bamboo gallery nestling at the foot of the mountains.

There are bamboo pavilion, bamboo huts, stockade village and surrounding bamboo grove in view. The course of the little brook might be traced by its bamboo branches flinging their shadows. A beam of golden color sunlight, filtering through the larger interstices of the fresh bamboo leaves, a great stir of golden rays of the sun is scattered with all its beams.

The pure mountain spring would lead you to the fantasy of strolling in the icy green field and revitalize your mind. Here you could trod on the fresh bamboo leaves like cotton fluff and enjoy an unobstructed view of the magnificent buildings, even listen for a moment longer to the pure flowing mountain spring. All of these make you feel like staying in the dreamland.

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